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Tohoku League Division 2(S) and 2(N)
Division 2(N) and Division 2(S) of the Tohoku League is getting underway now, with several matches taking place over the weekend. In the northern section, Mizusawa United Club overcame Aster Aomori 3-0 in the opening game of the season for both sides. Most teams in the southern division, meanwhile, have two matches under their belts, Marisol Matsushima and Northern Peaks Koriyama having won both. Of the newly promoted teams, Shichigahama SC are mid-table following their defeat by Northern Peaks, but FC Perada Fukushima have yet to pick up a point and are bottom of the division at this early stage.

07 May 06 - An action shot from Northern Peaks against Shichigahama

An action shot from Northern Peaks against Shichigahama

Division 2(N)

Sunday 7th May: Mizusawa United Club 3-0 Aster Aomori

Division 2(S)

Sunday 7th May: Marisol Matsushima 2-1 Kureha Chemicals
Sunday 7th May: Furukawa Battery 2-0 FC Perada Fukushima
Sunday 7th May: Northern Peaks Koriyama 2-1 Shichigahama SC

1 Marisol Matsushima 6 (+4)
2 Northern Peaks Koriyama 6 (+2)
3 Furukawa Battery 3 (+2)
4 Shichigahama SC 3 (-)
5 Kureha Chemicals 0 (-2)
6 Kanai Club 0 (-3)
7 FC perada Fukushima 0 (-3)

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