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Kanto League Divisions 1 & 2 - Round 3 Scores
It's shaping up to be a particularly close campaign in the Kanto League Division One after a full programme of fixtures in the league's two divisions on Sunday. Yaita SC are the unlikely leaders, although they let two points slip at champions Luminozo Sayama, who are struggling back in fifth. Toshiba Fuchu lost for the first time this season against the sailors of MSDF Atsugi Marcus but are still second. Saitama SC have had eighteen goals crammed into their three games, ending up getting the best of seven against YSCC - but in some senses the biggest surprise is the failure of Division 2 champions Hanno Bruder to adjust to life at the higher evel, as they are stuck to the bottom of the table after a 2-1 defeat at Toho Titanium.

30 Apr 06 - Toho Titanium host Hanno Bruder

Toho Titanium host Hanno Bruder

Things are actually more clear cut in Division 2, as FC Machida Zelvia gained a narrow win at Kanagawa Teachers to move three points ahead of Hitachi Tochigi Uva . Kanagawa, Aries FC, All Kamisu SC and Ome FC are all still looking for their first wins of the season.

30 Apr 06 - Yaita SC on the defensive against Luminozo Sayama

Yaita SC on the defensive against Luminozo Sayama

Division 1

Luminozo Sayama 0-0 Yaita SC
MSDF Atsugi Marcus 2-1 Toshiba Fuchu
Toho Titanium 2-1 Hanno Bruder
YSCC 3-4 Saitama SC

1 Yaita SC 7 (+3)
2 Toshiba Fuchu 6 (+1)
3 YSCC 4 (+2)
4 Saitama SC 4 (-)
5 Luminozo Sayama 4 (-)
6 Toho Titanium 4 (-1)
7 MSDF Atsugi Marcus 3 (-3)
8 Hanno Bruder 1 (-2)

30 Apr 06 - Kanagawa Teachers in blue take on FC Machida Zelvia

Kanagawa Teachers in blue take on FC Machida Zelvia

Division 2

Aries FC 2-2 Furukawa Electrics Chiba
Hitachi Tochigi Uva 1-0 Ome FC
Kanagawa Teachers 2-3 FC Machida Zelvia
Nirasaki Astros 2-2 All Kamisu SC

1 FC Machida Zelvia 9 (+10)
2 Hitachi Tochigi Uva 6 (-)
3 Nirasaki Astros 5 (+2)
4 Furukawa Electrics Chiba 4 (-1)
5 Ome FC 2 (-1)
6 All Kamisu SC 2 (-4)
7 Aries FC 2 (-4)
8 Kanagawa Teachers 1 (-2)

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