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Another Route To The J-League Opens Up?
J-League chairman Masaru Suzuki has indicated some possible changes to the way that the J-League is expanded over the coming few years, which differ from the most recent announcements as issued a couple of months ago. The most important of these new ideas could potentially have an enormous impact upon JFL and Regional League clubs, in that even though there are no plans to alter the target of 22 clubs in J2 (the new schedule suggests that the J-League will now aim to increase J1 to twenty teams rather than maintain the current eighteen), it will conceivably be possible for clubs to be promoted to J2 from leagues other than just the JFL, if the J-League's requirements are in place.

Moreover, clubs seeking full membership are now eligible for associate membership of the J-League, if their management by full-time executive directors is sound. The newly- established J-League's Advisor Team has been set up in order to aid Associate Members' entry into J2. Rosso Kumamoto, FC Ryukyu and Tochigi SC are the most likely beneficiaries of this arrangement.

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