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Early JFL Fixtures Announced
The first two rounds of fixtures for the new JFL season have been issued, with the rest to follow on Friday 24th. Toyama will clearly be the place to be on the opening day, however, with 2005 runners-up YKK AP kicking things off with a fascinating clash against new boys Rosso Kumamoto - but that's not all, as they are followed in a double-header by local rivals Alo's Hokuriku, matched up with another promoted side, JEF Club. The third and final new team, FC Ryukyu, could scarcely have a trickier start, as they begin at championship hopefuls Tochigi SC; but it's Mitsubishi Mizushima who probably have the most difficult time, as they begin awat at Honda FC before hosting Tochigi in the second round.

19/03/2006 YKK AP - Rosso Kumamoto
19/03/2006 Alo's Hokuriku - JEF Club
19/03/2006 Tochigi SC - FC Ryukyu
19/03/2006 Honda FC - Mitsubishi Mizushima
19/03/2006 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo - Honda Lock
19/03/2006 Sony Sendai - FC Kariya
19/03/2006 Arte Takasaki - Ryutsu Keizai University
19/03/2006 Sagawa Kyubin Osaka - Sagawa Printing

21/03/2006 Yokogawa Musashino - SC Tottori

25/03/2006 Ryutsu Keizai University - Sony Sendai

26/03/2006 FC Ryukyu - Alo's Hokuriku
26/03/2006 Rosso Kumamoto - Sagawa Kyubin Osaka
26/03/2006 Sagawa Printing - Yokogawa Musashino
26/03/2006 Honda Lock - Honda FC
26/03/2006 Mitsubishi Mizushima - Tochigi SC
26/03/2006 JEF Club - YKK AP
26/03/2006 SC Tottori - Arte Takasaki
26/03/2006 FC Kariya - Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo

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