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Kanto Prefectural League Promotion Play-offs
The Prefectural Play-off tournament to decide promotion into Division 2 of the Kanto League for 2008 took place in Chiba last weekend, a straightforward knock-out competition for sixteen of the region's top Prefectural League sides. The favourites beforehand were arguably the Tokyo clubs FC Korea and Aries FC Tokyo - and so it proved, with both reaching the final and Aries eventually running out 5-2 winners.

They therefore return to Regional League football after an absence of only a season, but otherwise the Kanto League organisers are playing their cards close to their chests as regards other arrangements for promotion and relegation. It is likely that they will wait to discover the fate of Division 1 champions FC Machida Zelvia in the Regional League Championship Winners' Play-off before confirming promotion and relegation throughout their own league.


Aries FC Tokyo エリースFC東京 (Tokyo)
Aventura Saitama アヴェントゥーラ サイタマ (Saitama)
Chiba Teachers 千葉教員SC (Chiba)
FC Chizuka FC千塚 (Yamanashi)
FC Korea FCコリア (Tokyo)
FC Seibudai FC西武台 (Saitama)
Footwork Club フットワーククラブ (Kanagawa)
Hanno Cebollitas 飯能セボジータス (Saitama)
Hitachi Building System Care 日立ビルシステム ビルケ (Tokyo)
Ibaraki Teachers 茨城教員葵FC (Ibaraki)
Shirasawa Club 白沢クラブ (Tochigi)
Tonan SC Gunma 図南SC群馬 (Gunma)
Urawa Reds Amateur 浦和レッズアマチュア (Saitama)
Urayasu JSC 浦安JSC (Chiba)
Utsunomiya FC 宇都宮FC (Tochigi)
Yokohama Takeru 横浜猛蹴 (Kanagawa)

First Round

Sat 10 Nov: Aventura Saitama 2-2 Hitachi Building System Care (PK 4-5)
Sat 10 Nov: FC Chizuka 1-5 Chiba Teachers
Sat 10 Nov: FC Korea 3-1 Hanno Cebollitas
Sat 10 Nov: Footwork Club 0-1 Aries FC Tokyo
Sat 10 Nov: Ibaraki Teachers 0-0 Urawa Reds Amateur (PK 4-5)
Sat 10 Nov: Shirasawa Club 3-2 FC Seibudai
Sat 10 Nov: Tonan SC Gunma 2-2 Yokohama Takeru (PK 3-1)
Sat 10 Nov: Urayasu JSC 2-1 Utsunomiya FC

Second Round

Sun 11 Nov: FC Korea 1-0 Tonan SC Gunma
Sun 11 Nov: Hitachi Building System Care 1-0 Urayasu JSC
Sun 11 Nov: Shirasawa Club 0-1 Chiba Teachers
Sun 11 Nov: Urawa Reds Amateur 1-2 Aries FC Tokyo


Sat 17 Nov: FC Korea 1-0 Chiba Teachers
Sat 17 Nov: Hitachi Building System Care 0-1 Aries FC Tokyo


Sun 18 Nov FC Korea 2-5 Aries FC Tokyo
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