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Tokai League Division 2
A catch-up too in the results of the Tokai League Division 2, where Mind House Yokkaichi are now at the top after a series of good results, including most notably a 1-0 win at previous leaders Konica Minolta Toyokawa. Both sides have two games to play and are already confirmed as being promoted to the top division for next season.

MIE Rampole have finished their fixtures and therefore must be satisfied with a third-place finish in their first season at Regional level. At the other end of the table, with only one game to play FC Kawasaki are already relegated, while Morishin's FC have only the slimmest chance of avoiding the drop with Fuyo Club the only other team in danger.

Sun 02 Sep: Toyota Football Group 0-0 Fuyo Club

Sun 09 Sep: Konica Minolta Toyokawa 3-3 FC Kawasaki
Sun 09 Sep: Mind House Yokkaichi 2-1 MIE Rampole
Sun 09 Sep: Nagoya Club 2-2 Morishin's FC

Sun 16 Sep: MIE Rampole 3-0 FC Kawasaki
Sun 16 Sep: Morishin's FC 1-1 Toyota Football Group
Sun 16 Sep: Nagoya Club 1-2 Konica Minolta Toyokawa

Sun 23 Sep: MIE Rampole 2-0 Morishin's FC
Sun 23 Sep: Mind House Yokkaichi 2-1 Nagoya Club
Sun 23 Sep: Toyota Football Group 0-0 FC Kawasaki

Sun 30 Sep: Nagoya Club 1-1 Fuyo Club
Sun 30 Sep: Toyota Football Group 1-1 MIE Rampole

Sun 07 Oct: FC Kawasaki 3-2 Morishin's FC
Sun 07 Oct: Fuyo Club 1-2 Toyota Football Group
Sun 07 Oct: Konica Minolta Toyokawa 0-1 Mind House Yokkaichi
Sun 07 Oct: Nagoya Club 1-2 MIE Rampole

1. Mind House Yokkaichi 25 (+9)
2. Konica Minolta Toyokawa 24 (+14)
3. MIE Rampole 24 (+11)
4. Toyota Football Group 18 (+2)
5. Nagoya Club 15 (+3)
6. Fuyo Club 12 (-6)
7. Morishin's FC 10 (-15)
8. FC Kawasaki 7 (-18)

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