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Kyushu League
V Varen Nagasaki's hopes of winning the Kyushu League title for the second year running - and indeed of going on to fight for a place in the JFL next year - were dealt a hammer blow on Sunday, as a fifteenth-minute goal from experienced former J-Leaguer Shinji Fujiyoshi gave New Wave Kitakyushu a potentially crucial win. More than 2500 fans attended the game in the provincial town of Shimabara, but V Varen now lie four points behind leaders Honda Lock and have only two more games to play, one fewer than either of their rivals.

Lock themselves claimed their sixteenth win of the season at home to Volca Kagoshima, a match that the championship favourites led 2-0 after barely ten minutes. And there were only two other games staged on Sunday, as Osumi NIFS United's fixture with Kaiho Bank SC was postponed due to the threat of a typhoon. Elsewhere, however, Okinawa Kariyushi crushed Kumamoto Teachers, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki moved closer to the top five as they came from behind to see off bottom side Nanakuma Tombies.

16 Aug 07 - New Wave Kitakyushu go for goal against V Varen Nagasaki

New Wave Kitakyushu go for goal against V Varen Nagasaki

Sun 12 Aug: Honda Lock 3-2 Volca Kagoshima
Sun 12 Aug: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 3-1 Nanakuma Tombies
Sun 12 Aug: Okinawa Kariyushi 6-0 Kumamoto Teachers
Sun 12 Aug: V Varen Nagasaki 0-1 New Wave Kitakyushu

1. Honda Lock 48 (+56)
2. New Wave Kitakyushu 46 (+43)
3. V Varen Nagasaki 44 (+59)
4. Nippon Steel Oita 34 (+17)
5. Volca Kagoshima 24 (-6)
6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 22 (-22)
7. Okinawa Kariyushi 21 (-3)
8. Osumi NIFS United 16 (-19)
9. Kaiho Bank SC 12 (-50)
10. Kumamoto Teachers 6 (-33)
11. Nanakuma Tombies 3 (-58)

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