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Kanto League Division 1
Hitachi Tochigi Uva made sure of an impressive second place finish in Division 1 of the Kanto League this season, as they crushed Toho Titanium 4-0 in the penultimate round of the season's fixtures on Sunday. This places last year's Division 2 runners-up four points ahead of Luminozo Sayama, who have had an inconsistent year but beat Saitama SC 3-2. Champions FC Machida Zelvia remain on course to go through the whole year unbeaten after their win at Toshiba Fuchu - and the only key issue remaining to be decided is whether Fuchu or Saitama SC will fill the second relegation spot. 2006 champions YSCC climbed out of danger with a 4-1 defeat of bottom place Yaita SC.

09 Aug 07 - Stripey Toshiba Fuchu act all coy with Machida Zelvia

Stripey Toshiba Fuchu act all coy with Machida Zelvia

Sun 05 Aug: Hitachi Tochigi Uva 4-0 Toho Titanium
Sun 05 Aug: Luminozo Sayama 3-2 Saitama SC
Sun 05 Aug: Toshiba Fuchu 2-3 FC Machida Zelvia
Sun 05 Aug: YSCC 4-1 Yaita SC

1. FC Machida Zelvia 37 (+27)
2. Hitachi Tochigi Uva 24 (+15)
3. Luminozo Sayama 20 (-3)
4. Toho Titanium 18 (-6)
5. YSCC 16 (-1)
6. Saitama SC 14 (-6)
7. Toshiba Fuchu 11 (-4)
8. Yaita SC 9 (-22)

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