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Emperor's Cup
The JFA have confirmed the draw for the opening three rounds of the Emperor's Cup proper for 2007. As usual, each prefecture will be represented by just one team from below the ranks of the J-League itself, with the preliminary tournaments to decide on who those teams will be taking place across Japan at the moment. So the draw as it stands involves nothing more than deciding which prefectures' teams will play against each other, prior to the J2 sides becoming involved at the Third Round stage. JNFN will aim to fill in the gaps as regards the identities of all the prefectural representatives, but the basics of the draw are as follows:

24 Jul 07 - Shinya Ito, FC Perada Fukushima goalscorer against FC Primeiro

Shinya Ito, FC Perada Fukushima goalscorer against FC Primeiro

Sun 16 Sep: Fukushima - Nagasaki
Sun 16 Sep: Nagano - Aomori
Sun 23 Sep: Fukushima or Nagasaki - Nagano or Aomori
Sun 01 Oct: Fukushima, Nagasaki, Nagano or Aomori - Shonan Bellmare

Sun 16 Sep: Hyogo - Yamagata
Sun 16 Sep: Nara - Gunma
Sun 23 Sep: Hyogo or Yamagata - Nara or Gunma
Sun 01 Oct: Hyogo, Yamagata, Nara or Gunma - Sagawa Kyubin SC

Sun 16 Sep: Tottori - Saga
Sun 16 Sep: Kagoshima - Ryutsu Keizai University
Sun 23 Sep: Tottori or Saga - Kagoshima or Ryutsu Keizai University
Sun 01 Oct: Tottori, Saga, Kagoshima or Ryutsu Keizai University - Montedio Yamagata

Sun 16 Sep: Hokkaido - Osaka
Sun 16 Sep: Gifu - Fukuoka
Sun 23 Sep: Hokkaido or Osaka - Gifu or Fukuoka
Sun 01 Oct: Hokkaido, Osaka, Gifu or Fukuoka - Tokushima Vortis

Sun 16 Sep: Okinawa - Ehime
Sun 16 Sep: Hiroshima - Niigata
Sun 23 Sep: Okinawa or Ehime - Hiroshima or Niigata
Sun 01 Oct: Okinawa, Ehime, Hiroshima or Niigata - Ehime FC

Sun 16 Sep: Kagawa - Okayama
Sun 16 Sep: Yamanashi - Akita
Sun 23 Sep: Kagawa or Okayama - Yamanashi or Akita
Sun 01 Oct: Kagawa, Okayama, Yamanashi or Akita - Consadole Sapporo

Sun 16 Sep: Mie - Shiga
Sun 23 Sep: Tochigi - Mie or Shiga
Sun 01 Oct: Tochigi, Mie or Shiga - Avispa Fukuoka

Sun 16 Sep: Oita - Tokushima
Sun 23 Sep: Ibaraki - Oita or Tokushima
Sun 01 Oct: Ibaraki, Oita or Tokushima - Sagan Tosu

Sun 16 Sep: Ishikawa - Kumamoto
Sun 23 Sep: Aichi - Ishikawa or Kumamoto
Sun 01 Oct: Aichi, Ishikawa or Kumamoto - Mito Hollyhock

Sun 16 Sep: Iwate - Saitama
Sun 23 Sep: Shizuoka - Iwate or Saitama
Sun 01 Oct: Shizuoka, Iwate or Saitama - Tokyo Verdy 1969

24 Jul 07 - Shinya Ito, FC Central Chugoku and Iwami SC before the Shimane final

FC Central Chugoku and Iwami SC before the Shimane final

Sun 16 Sep: Shimane - Wakayama
Sun 23 Sep: Miyazaki - Shimane or Wakayama
Sun 01 Oct: Miyazaki, Shimane or Wakayama - Cerezo Osaka

Sun 16 Sep: Kochi - Chiba
Sun 23 Sep: Kanagawa - Kochi or Chiba
Sun 01 Oct: Kanagawa, Kochi or Chiba - Vegalta Sendai

Sun 16 Sep: Kyoto - Fukui
Sun 23 Sep: Toyama - Kyoto or Fukui
Sun 01 Oct: Toyama, Kyoto or Fukui - Thespa Kusatsu

Sun 16 Sep: Miyagi - Yamaguchi
Sun 23 Sep: Tokyo - Miyagi or Yamaguchi
Sun 01 Oct: Tokyo, Miyagi or Yamaguchi - Kyoto Sanga

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