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Hokkaido Champions Super League
As part of their so-called 2015 Project in order to raise the standard of football on the island and to promote the idea of a Hokkaido team reaching the JFL, the Hokkaido FA have launched a new tournament for 2008. It's called the Hokkaido Champions Super League and brings in seven participating teams from a range of different sources, as follows:

1. the top two teams from the 2007 Hokkaido League, i.e. Norbritz Hokkaido and Sapporo Winds;
2. the top two teams from the 2007 Hokkaido Universities League, i.e. Sapporo University SC and Dohto University SC;
3. the top two teams from the 2007 Prince League for youth players, i.e. Consadole Sapporo U18 and Muroran Otani HS; and
4. a team from local J-Leaguers Consadole Sapporo

With a league format meaning that each team players each other team twice, the fixture list runs from April through to the end of November, with a couple of dates to be confirmed. There will be occasional coverage of the tournament on JNFN, with particular attention given to the two Hokkaido League teams.

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