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Kyushu League
The Kyushu League season came to an exciting end with a double header totalling ten games spread over Saturday and Sunday in Fukuoka, which the final outcome being that New Wave Kitakyushu took the title, as long-term leaders Honda Lock stumbled at the last with a 2-1 defeat on Sunday by V Varen Nagasaki. All of this means that it will be top two finishers New Wave and Lock who proceed to the Regional League Championship Winners' Play-off in Hiroshima next month, while 2006 champions V Varen miss out having ended up in third.

For New Wave, this is their first Kyushu championship since adopting their current name in 2001, while predecessor club Mitsubishi Chemicals Kurosaki's last success was as long ago as 1989. Honda Lock, in contrast, are seeking to bounce straight back to the JFL after having been relegated only twelve months ago. But V Varen have much to mull over during the close season, having spent big in populating their squad with ex-J-Leaguers and players on full-time contracts, yet still failed to meet their target of a JFL place in one of the more competitive of Japan's Regional Leagues.

After having struggled all season long, Kumamoto Teachers and Fukuoka students Nanakuma Tombies are both relegated back to their respective Prefectural Leagues, while Kaiho Bank SC face a play-off to retain their status. And Volca Kagoshima captain and forward Shinichi Nishi ended up top scorer with a tally of 23 goals for the year. The same player also picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kyushu League, having notched up a remarkable record of netting 250 goals for Volca.

Sat 27 Oct: Honda Lock 3-1 Nippon Steel Oita
Sat 27 Oct: New Wave Kitakyushu 4-0 Kumamoto Teachers
Sat 27 Oct: Okinawa Kariyushi 4-2 Nanakuma Tombies
Sat 27 Oct: Osumi NIFS United 2-3 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki
Sat 27 Oct: Volca Kagoshima 7-0 Kaiho Bank SC

Sun 28 Oct: Kaiho Bank SC 0-4 New Wave Kitakyushu
Sun 28 Oct: Kumamoto Teachers 1-4 Nippon Steel Oita
Sun 28 Oct: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 1-1 Okinawa Kariyushi (PK 2-3)
Sun 28 Oct: Nanakuma Tombies 0-2 Volca Kagoshima
Sun 28 Oct: V Varen Nagasaki 2-1 Honda Lock

1. New Wave Kitakyushu 54 (+51)
2. Honda Lock 52 (+57)
3. V Varen Nagasaki 5- (+62)
4. Nippon Steel Oita 37 (+14)
5. Volca Kagoshima 33 (+22)
6. Okinawa Kariyushi 32 (+4)
7. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 26 (-21)
8. Osumi NIFS United 19 (-15)
9. Kaiho Bank SC 15 (-63)
10. Kumamoto Teachers 6 (-45)
11. Nanakuma Tombies 6 (-66)

JFL News In Brief
... Jorge "Pipo" Rossi has departed as boss of JFL whipping boys Arte Takasaki, to be replaced by former Tokyo Verdy 1969 coach Yoshiyuki Watanabe... the Gunma side are now guaranteed a last-place finish after this weekend's results...
JFL Sunday Scores
With five games remaining of the season, long-time leaders Sagawa Kyubin SC now need just a single point to make sure of what would be their first ever JFL title. Sunday saw them coast to a 3-1 win at FC Ryukyu, star striker Sho Gokyu contributing two goals to his side's fifth consecutive victory. Second place Rosso Kumamoto in the meantime gained a vital three points in their away game with JEF Reserves, which puts the Kyushu side a step closer to their target of promotion to J2.

And the equally ambitious FC Gifu would appear to have turned the corner and regained the form that seemed to have deserted them. They returned to the top four after beating Mitsubishi Mizushima, while rivals Alo's Hokuriku slumped to a shock 3-0 loss at Sony Sendai. YKK AP are still in target for a top four finish following their 2-1 win over FC Kariya.

Kodai Suzuki scored a first half hat-trick as Honda FC cruised to a 4-1 triumph at home to Sagawa Printing SC, while in the other fixture TDK SC's defence put in a characteristically solid performance before grabbing a winner ten minutes from time at Ryutsu Keizai University.

Sun 28 Oct: FC Kariya 1-2 YKK AP
Sun 28 Oct: FC Ryukyu 1-3 Sagawa Kyubin SC
Sun 28 Oct: Honda FC 4-1 Sagawa Printing
Sun 28 Oct: JEF Reserves 0-1 Rosso Kumamoto
Sun 28 Oct: Mitsubishi Mizushima 2-3 FC Gifu
Sun 28 Oct: Ryutsu Keizai University 0-1 TDK SC
Sun 28 Oct: Sony Sendai 3-0 Alo's Hokuriku

1. Sagawa Kyubin SC 73 (+48)
2. Rosso Kumamoto 58 (+23)
3. YKK AP 51 (+10)
4. FC Gifu 50 (+10)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Alo's Hokuriku 49 (+4)
6. Honda FC 48 (+18)
7. JEF Reserves 45 (+4)
8. Tochigi 42 (+11)
9. Yokogawa Musashino 42 (+2)
10. Ryutsu Keizai University 41 (+1)
11. Sagawa Printing 39 (-6)
12. Gainare Tottori 35 (-5)
13. TDK SC 34 (-)
14. Mitsubishi Mizushima 34 (-11)
15. Sony Sendai 34 (-15)
16. FC Kariya 27 (-19)
17. FC Ryukyu 23 (-35)
18. Arte Takasaki 6 (-40)
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