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JFL News In Brief
... Gainare Tottori's new young striker Kayne Takagi, who has dual Japanese / New Zealand nationality and is a Kiwi U20 international, has changed his name to Kayne Vincent...

JFL News In Brief
Former Ehime FC star striker Toshiro Tomochika - who played for the club in J2 as well as the JFL - was elected to the Upper House of the Japanese parliament in Sunday's elections. Tomochika, 32 and an ex-student at the prestigious Waseda University, was backed by the Social Democrats, the Democratic Party of Japan and the People's New Party against the ruling Liberal Democrats. The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that, "Although Tomochika did not have a strong political base, he won the election by gaining wide support through campaigning against growing regional disparity."
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