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Tokai League Division 2
There were only two matches staged in Division 2 of the Tokai League over the weekend - and both highlighted the battle for second place and the second automatic promotion spot that is developing this season. Konica Minolta Toyokawa are six points ahead at the top of the table and would seem at this stage to have the title sewn up, but almost every other team apart from strugglers FC Kawasaki can consider themselves to be in contention.

Newcomers MIE Rampole were the big winners of the day and moved out of the relegation zone with a 4-1 beating of the Shizuoka prefecture teachers' team, Fuyo Club. But now occupying second spot are Toyota Football Group, whose 2-1 win over Nagoya Club took them past not only their opponents but also Mind House Yokkaichi to become Konica Minolta's nearest challengers.

09 Jul 07 - Fuyo Club in white fight a losing battle with MIE Rampole

Fuyo Club in white fight a losing battle with MIE Rampole

Sun 08 Jul: MIE Rampole 4-1 Fuyo Club
Sun 08 Jul: Toyota Football Group 2-1 Nagoya Club

1. Konica Minolta Toyokawa 17 (+11)
2. Toyota Football Group 11 (+2)
3. Nagoya Club 10 (+1)
4. Mind House Yokkaichi 10 (+2)
5. Fuyo Club 9 (-2)
6. MIE Rampole 8 (-)
7. Morishin's FC 7 (-8)
8. FC Kawasaki 2 (-6)

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