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Shikoku League
The Shikoku League championship race took a remarkable twist on Sunday, as season-long leaders Tokushima Vortis Amateur were knocked off top spot - in spite of their hard-fought 3-2 win at Nangoku Kochi. For 2006 title winners Kamatamare Sanuki took a major step towards retaining their crown, as an 8-0 thrashing of Ventana AC took them into first place, by virtue of a goal difference superior to Vortis' by just one.

It looks as if the two relegation places will be filled by Tokushima Comprille SC and Kochi's Sanwa Club, despite the latter's first victory of the year at the expense of an Ehime Shimanami side who have shocked Shikoku fans with their disappointing performances this year. Comprille's defeat at Sanyo Electric Tokushima, meanwhile, was their fifth loss in a row.

30 Jun 07 - Kamatamare Sanuki in blue doing over Ventana AC

Kamatamare Sanuki in blue doing over Ventana AC

Sun 01 Jul: Kamatamare Sanuki 8-0 Ventana AC
Sun 01 Jul: Nangoku Kochi 2-3 Tokushima Vortis Amateur
Sun 01 Jul: Sanwa Club 3-1 Ehime Shimanami
Sun 01 Jul: Sanyo Electric Tokushima 2-0 Tokushima Comprille SC

1. Kamatamare Sanuki 28 (+45)
2. Tokushima Vortis Amateur 28 (+44)
3. Nangoku Kochi 21 (+18)
4. Sanyo Electric Tokushima 15 (-7)
5. Ehime Shimanami 10 (-17)
6. Ventana AC 10 (-22)
7. Tokushima Comprille SC 3 (-26)
8. Sanwa Club 3 (-35)

Hokushinetsu League Division 2
A top-of-the-table clash in Division 2 of the Hokushinetsu League has turned the race for the title on its head. Saurcos Fukui may have led the way for almost the whole campaign, but their defeat last week to FC Antelope Shiojiri opened the way for Granscena Niigata to pounce when the two met on Sunday - and pounce they did, scoring three times in five minutes late on in the game to defeat Saurcos and take over on top spot. With only two games to go, this could mean that Granscena take the single automatic promotion place, while the runners up must play off against the seventh team in Division 1.

Still just about in touch and challenging for the play-off position are FC Antelope and Ohara School JaSRA, who drew in their match. But at the bottom of the table, Toyama Shinjo Club are confirmed as being relegated to the Prefectural Leagues after they lost to CUPS Niigata. Teihens FC, however, are facing the drop for the second consecutive year, their 3-0 loss at Maruoka Phoenix a fifth consecutive defeat that means they fall into the other automatic relegation place.

30 Jun 07 - Pre-match chat for Granscena Niigata

Pre-match chat for Granscena Niigata

Sun 01 Jul: CUPS Niigata 5-1 Toyama Shinjo Club
Sun 01 Jul: FC Antelope Shiojiri 2-2 Ohara School JaSRA
Sun 01 Jul: Granscena Niigata 3-0 Saurcos Fukui
Sun 01 Jul: Maruoka Phoenix 3-0 Teihens FC

1. Granscena Niigata 27 (+17)
2. Saurcos Fukui 25 (+13)
3. FC Antelope Shiojiri 22 (+7)
4. Ohara School JaSRA 20 (+6)
5. CUPS Niigata 17 (+1)
6. Maruoka Phoenix 12 (+2)
7. Teihens FC 11 (-12)
8. Toyama Shinjo Club 4 (-34)
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