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... out-of-form Tochigi SC have signed midfielder Kenichiro Meta from J2 side Kyoto Sanga on loan until the end of January... following the recent departure of coach Nariyasu Yasuhara, FC Kariya key man Hideyoshi Akita has also left the Aichi club. Akita, previously a midfielder, is now registered as a forward with Gainare Tottori...

Tohoku League Division 2 (South)
The battle for the promotion play-off place awarded to the championship winners continues to unfold among the big hitters in Division 2 (South) of the Tohoku League. The gap between the top two remains at three points after frontrunners FC Perada Fukushima thrashed Shichigahama SC, while Viancone Fukushima also achieved an easy victory over Nakaniida SC. Third place side Soma SC slipped off the pace as they could only manage a draw with Marysol Matsushima in the other fixture of the day.

Sun 01 Jul: FC Perada Fukushima 6- 1 Shichigahama SC
Sun 01 Jul: Soma SC 1-1 Marysol Matsushima
Sun 01 Jul: Viancone Fukushima 6-0 Nakaniida SC

1. FC Perada Fukushima 19 (+40)
2. Viancone Fukushima 16 (+25)
3. Soma SC 13 (+8)
4. Marysol Matsushima 8 (-)
5. Kanai Club 6 (-32)
6. Nakaniida SC 4 (-9)
7. Shichigahama SC 3 (-7)
8. Kureha 0 (-25)
Tohoku League Divison 2 (North)
A remarkable result on Sunday has handed the advantage back to FC Akita Cambiare at the top of the Tohoku League Division 2 (North) - but it was not in Cambiare's own match, an expected 4-1 win over relegation-threatened Omiya Club. Tono Club have emerged as genuine challengers for the title and crushed 7-2 lowly Hokuto Bank, a result that leaves Tono right behind Cambiare in the championship race. In third now are Mizusawa Club, who beat newcomers Saruta Industry, while the students of Fuji Club 2003 slumped to a 4-2 defeat at the hands of improving Vanraure Hachinohe.

Sun 01 Jul: Hokuto Bank 2-7 Tono Club
Sun 01 Jul: Omiya Club 1-4 FC Akita Cambiare
Sun 01 Jul: Saruta Industry 1-3 Mizusawa Club
Sun 01 Jul: Vanraure Hachinohe 4-2 Fuji Club 2003

1. FC Akita Cambiare 19 (+20)
2. Tono Club 18 (+6)
3. Mizusawa Club 11 (+3)
4. Vanraure Hachinohe 9 (-1)
5. Fuji Club 2003 8 (+1)
6. Saruta Industry 6 (-1)
7. Hokuto Bank 3 (-12)
8. Omiya Club 2 (-16)
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