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JFL Sunday Scores
JFL leaders Sagawa Kyubin SC were twice pegged back from being a goal in front and eventually had to settle for a 2-2 draw in their match at Honda FC on Sunday. It was star defender Masayuki Ishii who proved the hero for Honda, with an 89th-minute equaliser that prevented Sagawa from going four points clear at the top of the table - but they do remain two points ahead of their nearest challengers as a result of Takuya Kimura's shock winner for Mitsubishi Mizushima, midway through the first half of their match with second-placed Rosso Kumamoto.

All of which leaves the top of the division a little more compressed than it was prior to the weekend and FC Gifu's defeat of Gainare Tottori on Saturday. And YKK AP made it three wins in a row to stay fourth after they beat TDK SC. The other main movers in the top half of the table were Alo's Hokuriku and JEF Reserves, both of whom picked up their expected three points against strugglers FC Ryukyu and Arte Takasaki respectively.

In the other two matches, Ryutsu Keizai University underlined the great improvements made by their club this season with an excellent 3-1 defeat of Yokogawa Musashino - a result that would have been more or less unthinkable only a year ago - while Sony Sendai continued their own recent climb up the rankings. Motoki Kamegabuchi's goal in the dying seconds of their match at FC Kariya gave the Tohoku side a 2-1 win, their fifth victory in a row and a record that makes them the distinctly unexpected form side in the division.

24 Jun 07 - Mitsubishi Mizushima go for goal against Rosso Kumamoto

Mitsubishi Mizushima go for goal against Rosso Kumamoto

Sun 24 Jun: FC Kariya 1-2 Sony Sendai
Sun 24 Jun: FC Ryukyu 0-2 Alo's Hokuriku
Sun 24 Jun: Honda FC 2-2 Sagawa Kyubin SC
Sun 24 Jun: JEF Reserves 2-1 Arte Takasaki
Sun 24 Jun: Mitsubishi Mizushima 1-0 Rosso Kumamoto
Sun 24 Jun: Ryutsu Keizai University 3-1 Yokogawa Musashino
Sun 24 Jun: TDK SC 0-1 YKK AP

1. Sagawa Kyubin SC 39 (+23)
2. Rosso Kumamoto 37 (+18)
3. FC Gifu 36 (+12)
4. YKK AP 31 (+10)
5. JEF Reserves 28 (+5)
6. Alo's Hokuriku 27 (-)
7. Tochigi SC 25 (+7)
8. Yokogawa Musashino 25 (+6)
9. Mitsubishi Mizushima 25 (-1)
10. Honda FC 21 (-)
11. Ryutsu Keizai University 21 (-2)
12. TDK SC 20 (-5)
13. Sony Sendai 20 (-11)
14. Gainare Tottori 18 (-5)
15. FC Kariya 17 (-7)
16. Sagawa Printing 17 (-10)
17. FC Ryukyu 13 (-18)
18. Arte Takasaki 5 (-22)

24 Jun 07 - Roll up, roll up, for the match of the year

Roll up, roll up, for the match of the year

JFL News In Brief
... former Vissel Kobe and Ventforet Kofu coach Hideki Matsunaga has been promoted from amongst the club's coaching staff to replace Tetsuya Totsuka in charge at J-League hopefuls FC Gifu...
JFL Saturday Scores
A last-minute equaliser from Kentaro Yoshida saved Tochigi SC from defeat at struggling Sagawa Printing in one of the two JFL fixtures to be staged on Saturday. It's now seven games without a win for Tochigi, whose hopes of a top-four finish and a place in J2 would seem to be receding, despite the recent appointment as coach of Koichi Hashiratani. Meanwhile an Atsushi Katagiri hat-trick helped FC Gifu to a 4-2 win over Gainare Tottori, giving his team their first win in four matches and cementing their place among the division's frontrunners.

24 Jun 07 - Gainare Tottori on the defensive against FC Gifu

Gainare Tottori on the defensive against FC Gifu

Sat 23 Jun: FC Gifu 4-2 Gainare Tottori
Sat 23 Jun: Sagawa Printing 2-2 Tochigi SC

1. Sagawa Kyubin SC 38 (+23)
2. Rosso Kumamoto 37 (+19)
3. FC Gifu 36 (+12)
4. YKK AP 28 (+9)
5. Yokogawa Musashino 25 (+8)
6. Tochigi SC 25 (+7)
7. JEF Reserves 25 (+4)
8. Alo's Hokuriku 24 (-2)
9. Mitsubishi Mizushima 22 (-2)
10. Honda FC 20 (-)
11. TDK SC 20 (-4)
12. Ryutsu Keizai University 18 (-4)
13. Gainare Tottori 18 (-5)
14. FC Kariya 17 (-6)
15. Sagawa Printing 17 (-10)
16. Sony Sendai 17 (-12)
17. FC Ryukyu 13 (-16)
18. Arte Takasaki 5 (-21)
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