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Tohoku League Division 1
There was only one game in Division 1 of the Tohoku League over the weekend, pre-season favourites Grulla Morioka taking the opportunity to go three points clear of NEC Tokin with a 7-1 drubbing of neighbours Morioka Zebra.

17 Jun 07 - Action from the Morioka derby as Zebra host Grulla

Action from the Morioka derby as Zebra host Grulla

Sun 17 Jun: Morioka Zebra 1-7 Grulla Morioka

1. Grulla Morioka 18 (+19)
2. NEC Tokin 15 (+12)
3. Furukawa Battery 10 (-1)
4. Wiese Shiogama 7 (-)
5. Morioka Zebra 7 (-9)
6. FC Primeiro 6 (-2)
7. Nippon Steel Kamaishi 4 (-7)
8. Sendai Nakata Club 0 (-12)

Shikoku League
There were convincing wins for both Tokushima Vortis Amateur and Kamatamare Sanuki at the top of the Shikoku League on Sunday, as the championship race continues to be a particularly close one. Vortis put six past their neighbours Sanyo Electric Tokushima and Kamatamare went one better against Kochi's Sanwa Club to close the gap - very slightly - on the shock leaders. Nangoku Kochi are still third after they beat Tokushima Comprille SC, while local rivals Ehime Shimanami and Ventana AC both sneaked ahead of Sanyo thanks to the point accrued from their 1-1 draw.

17 Jun 07 - Kamatamare’s new mascots - Tama-chan and Kama-chan

Kamatamare’s new mascots - Tama-chan and Kama-chan

Sun 17 Jun: Kamatamare Sanuki 7-0 Sanwa Club
Sun 17 Jun: Sanyo Electric Tokushima 0-6 Tokushima Vortis Amateur
Sun 17 Jun: Tokushima Comprille SC 1-4 Nangoku Kochi
Sun 17 Jun: Ventana AC 1-1 Ehime Shimanami

1. Tokushima Vortis Amateur 22 (+38)
2. Kamatamare Sanuki 22 (+33)
3. Nangoku Kochi 18 (+17)
4. Ehime Shimanami 10 (-10)
5. Ventana AC 10 (-13)
6. Sanyo Electric Tokushima 9 (-10)
7. Tokushima Comprille SC 3 (-20)
8. Sanwa Club 0 (-35)
Kyushu League
The second half of the Kyushu League season kicked off with another weekend double-header of fixtures in Kagoshima - the most significant outcome being that it looks like the remainder of the campaign will be a thrilling three-horse race for the title. Top of the pile at present are New Wave Kitakyushu, who seem to have solved their early season goalscoring worries and knocked in a total of eleven without reply in games against Nanakuma Tombies and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki.

The ex-JFLers of Honda Lock are second but crucially have a game in hand, having only played on Sunday - a 5-0 defeat of Kumamoto Teachers - while in third are pre-season favourites V Varen Nagasaki. The highlight of their weekend was a 10-0 crushing of Okinawans Kaiho Bank SC that featured a hat-trick from former Rosso Kumamoto forward Keisuke Shuto.

Nippon Steel Oita and locals Volca Kagoshima both managed a pair of wins apiece but are almost certainly too far off the pace to play a part in the fight for the championship, while Okinawa Kariyushi remain in mid-table after a disappointing defeat to Osumi NIFS United on Saturday. Mitsubishi Nagasaki continue to slip down the table although they have enough points in the bag to stay clear of the real strugglers - Nanakuma, Kaiho Bank and Kumamoto Teachers.

17 Jun 07 - Kumamoto Teachers in white battle it out with Honda Lock

Kumamoto Teachers in white battle it out with Honda Lock

Sat 16 Jun: Kaiho Bank SC 1-4 Nippon Steel Oita
Sat 16 Jun: Kumamoto Teachers 1-3 V Varen Nagasaki
Sat 16 Jun: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 1-6 Volca Kagoshima
Sat 16 Jun: Nanakuma Tombies 0-7 New Wave Kitakyushu
Sat 16 Jun: Osumi NIFS United 2-1 Okinawa Kariyushi

Sun 17 Jun: Honda Lock 5-0 Kumamoto Teachers
Sun 17 Jun: New Wave Kitakyushu 4-0 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki
Sun 17 Jun: Nippon Steel Oita 2-0 Nanakuma Tombies
Sun 17 Jun: V Varen Nagasaki 10-0 Kaiho Bank SC
Sun 17 Jun: Volca Kagoshima 3-0 Osumi NIFS United

1. New Wave Kitakyushu 31 (+36)
2. Honda Lock 30 (+36)
3. V Varen Nagasaki 29 (+44)
4. Nippon Steel Oita 26 (+13)
5. Volca Kagoshima 21 (-4)
6. Okinawa Kariyushi 18 (+5)
7. Osumi NIFS United 13 (-9)
8. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 12 (-17)
9. Kumamoto Teachers 6 (-24)
10. Kaiho Bank SC 6 (-50)
11. Nanakuma Tombies 3 (-46)

16 Jun 07 - Yuya Yamada, scorer for Volca Kagoshima in both their weekend games

Yuya Yamada, scorer for Volca Kagoshima in both their weekend games
Kanto League Division 2
The top-of-the-table game in Division 2 of the Kanto League ended in a draw between Club Dragons and MSDF Atsugi Marcus, leaving the way for Furukawa Electrics Chiba to close the gap on the front pair courtesy of their 3-2 win over Ome FC. Jumping up into fourth place are Kanagawa Teachers, who scored five for the second match running to beat bottom team Nirasaki Astros. Hanno Bruder also ran in the same number without reply against Yonoshukonkai, who have now lost three in a row.

17 Jun 07 - The undeniably scary Club Dragons

The undeniably scary Club Dragons

Sun 17 Jun: Club Dragons 1-1 MSDF Atsugi Marcus
Sun 17 Jun: Furukawa Electrics Chiba 3-2 Ome FC
Sun 17 Jun: Hanno Bruder 5-0 Yonoshukonkai
Sun 17 Jun: Nirasaki Astros 0-5 Kanagawa Teachers

1. MSDF Atsugi Marcus 18 (+12)
2. Club Dragons 17 (+16)
3. Furukawa Electrics Chiba 16 (-)
4. Kanagawa Teachers 13 (+4)
5. Hanno Bruder 11 (+4)
6. Yonoshukonkai 10 (-5)
7. Ome FC 8 (-9)
8. Nirasaki Astros 6 (-22)
Kanto League Division 1
All four fixtures in the Kanto League Division 1 finished 1-0 on Sunday, as the league table continues to separate out into three distinct groups of teams. At the bottom, Toshiba Fuchu boosted their chances of avoiding relegation by beating Yaita SC to jump up two places. While Yaita slip to last, the other spot in the drop zone is now occupied by 2006 champions YSCC, who lost at home to runaway leaders FC Machida Zelvia. Sandwiched in the middle are Luminozo Sayama, who went second after beating Hitachi Tochigi Uva; and Toho Titanium, victors over Saitama SC.

17 Jun 07 - Celebration time for Machida Zelvia at YSCC

Celebration time for Machida Zelvia at YSCC

Sun 17 Jun: Luminozo Sayama 1-0 Hitachi Tochigi Uva
Sun 17 Jun: Saitama SC 0-1 Toho Titanium
Sun 17 Jun: Toshiba Fuchu 1-0 Yaita SC
Sun 17 Jun: YSCC 0-1 FC Machida Zelvia

1. FC Machida Zelvia 27 (+19)
2. Luminozo Sayama 16 (-1)
3. Hitachi Tochigi Uva 15 (+10)
4. Toho Titanium 14 (-2)
5. Saitama SC 13 (-2)
6. Toshiba Fuchu 7 (-3)
7. YSCC 6 (-7)
8. Yaita SC 6 (-14)
Hokushinetsu League Division 2
Saurcos Fukui continue to lead the promotion charge in Division 2 of the Hokushinetsu League. The ambitious former FC Kanazu made it eight games undefeated by beating Ohara School JaSRA on Sunday, while moving clear into second place behind them are Granscena Niigata. In what was undoubtedly a key match, they beat challengers FC Antelope Shiojiri 4-1 to put daylight between themselves and the chasing pack. Lower down the table, CUPS Niigata gained their first win in six by beating a Teihens FC side who are currently struggling to find their form, and Maruoka Phoenix did their chances of avoiding relegation the world of good with a 7-0 thrashing of wooden spooners Toyama Shinjo Club.

22 Jun 07 - Granscena Niigata on the attack against FC Antelope

Granscena Niigata on the attack against FC Antelope

Sun 17 Jun: CUPS Niigata 5-2 Teihens FC
Sun 17 Jun: Granscena Niigata 4-1 FC Antelope Shiojiri
Sun 17 Jun: Maruoka Phoenix 7-0 Toyama Shinjo Club
Sun 17 Jun: Saurcos Fukui 4-2 Ohara School JaSRA

1. Saurcos Fukui 25 (+17)
2. Granscena Niigata 21 (+13)
3. FC Antelope Shiojiri 18 (+6)
4. Ohara School JaSRA 16 (-)
5. Teihens FC 11 (-3)
6. CUPS Niigata 11 (-5)
7. Maruoka Phoenix 9 (+1)
8. Toyama Shinjo Club 4 (-29)
Hokushinetsu League Division 1
It was very much business as usual in Division 1 of the Hokushinetsu League on Sunday - but as a consequence, the title race is effectively down to four clubs in this tightest of contests. Fervorosa's 3-1 loss at AC Nagano Parceiro means that they lie ten points off the lead and can thus be discounted as potential champions. Japan Soccer College continue to head the standings after a 3-0 win over Ueda Gentian and Matsumoto Yamaga Club lie just a point behind off the pace following their defeat of Valiente Toyama. The dark horses are Zweigen Kanazawa, who picked up a comfortable three points at home to Niigata University of Management to stay in touch at the top.

22 Jun 07 - AC Nagano Parceiro maintain their title challenge

AC Nagano Parceiro maintain their title challenge

Sun 17 Jun: AC Nagano Parceiro 3-1 Fervorosa
Sun 17 Jun: Japan Soccer College 3-0 Ueda Gentian
Sun 17 Jun: Matusmoto Yamaga Club 3-2 Valiente Toyama
Sun 17 Jun: Zweigen Kanazawa 5-1 Niigata University of Management

1. Japan Soccer College 25 (+18)
2. Matsumoto Yamaga Club 24 (+31)
3. AC Nagano Parceiro 22 (+14)
4. Zweigen Kanazawa 21 (+13)
5. Fervorosa 15 (+9)
6. Valiente Toyama 6 (-10)
7. Niigata University of Management 4 (-44)
8. Ueda Gentian 1 (-31)

22 Jun 07 - Yamaga in green put Valiente under pressure

Yamaga in green put Valiente under pressure
Hokkaido League
Six games into the campaign and the Hokkaido League continues to be dominated by Norbritz Hokkaido, 5-1 winners on Sunday at Sapporo FC. But while this is by and large to be expected, the success of second-place Sapporo Winds is far more of a surprise, given that they gained promotion from the second tier Block Leagues only at the end of last year. Their latest victory came at the expense of Toyota Motors Hokkaido, who drop down into third. Barefoot Hokkaido hold on to fourth despite losing at Blackpecker Hakodate, while Tokachifairsky Genesis managed their first win of 2007 in the bottom-of-the-table clash with Hokushukai.

17 Jun 07 - Anyone can see that that’s Sapporo Winds against Toyota Motors

Anyone can see that that’s Sapporo Winds against Toyota Motors

Sun 17 Jun: Blackpecker Hakodate 3-1 Barefoot Hokkaido
Sun 17 Jun: Sapporo FC 1-5 Norbritz Hokkaido
Sun 17 Jun: Sapporo Winds 4-0 Toyota Motors Hokkaido
Sun 17 Jun: Tokachifairsky Genesis 3-0 Hokushukai

1. Norbritz Hokkaido 18 (+20)
2. Sapporo Winds 13 (+2)
3. Toyota Motors Hokkaido 10 (-3)
4. Barefoot Hokkaido 9 (+3)
5. Blackpecker Hakodate 8 (-)
6. Sapporo FC 4 (-4)
7. Tokachifairsky Genesis 4 (-7)
8. Hokushukai 2 (-11)
Chugoku League
It's now eleven wins from eleven for Fagiano Okayama in the Chugoku League, their latest a run-of-the-mill 6-0 crushing of Hiroshima Fujita SC. The main interest in this league has for some time been the close-fought battle for second place and the additional spot in the end-of-season promotion Play-offs. FC Central Chugoku currently lead Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku and Renofa Yamaguchi by the narrowest of margins, after FC Central and Sagawa scraped home against JFE Steel Western Japan and Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado respectively. Renofa, meanwhile, dropped vital points as they were held at home by Mazda SC.

22 Jun 07 - More Fagiano Okayama fan paraphernalia

More Fagiano Okayama fan paraphernalia

Sun 17 Jun: Fagiano Okayama 6-0 Hiroshima Fujita SC
Sun 17 Jun: FC Central Chugoku 2-1 JFE Steel Western Japan
Sun 17 Jun: Renofa Yamaguchi 0-0 Mazda SC
Sun 17 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 4-3 Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado

1. Fagiano Okayama 33 (+62)
2. FC Central Chugoku 18 (+11)
3. Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 18 (+11)
4. Renofa Yamaguchi 18 (-4)
5. Hiroshima Fujita SC 11 (-7)
6. Mazda SC 8 (-15)
7. JFE Steel Western Japan 7 (-24)
8. Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 3 (-42)
JFL Sunday Scores
After a busy Saturday, there were only three matches in the JFL on Sunday - but still some crucial action at both the top and bottom of the table. Most important of all, Rosso Kumamoto closed the gap on leaders Sagawa Kyubin SC to a single point with a 3-0 win over TDK SC, Yutaka Takahashi on target yet again for what was his fifteenth goal of the season.

Kohei Onishi scored the winner nine minutes from time during his team's match at home to declining 2006 champions Honda FC, putting YKK clear in fourth - while Honda, remarkably, slip below Mitsubishi Mizushima into the bottom half of the standings. FC Ryukyu meanwhile remain deep in trouble after their 4-1 defeat at a Sony Sendai team that have now won four in a row.

Sun 17 Jun: Rosso Kumamoto 3-0 TDK SC
Sun 17 Jun: Sony Sendai 4-1 FC Ryukyu
Sun 17 Jun: YKK AP 1-0 Honda FC

1. Sagawa Kyubin SC 38 (+23)
2. Rosso Kumamoto 37 (+19)
3. FC Gifu 33 (+10)
4. YKK AP 28 (+9)
5. Yokogawa Musashino 25 (+8)
6. JEF Reserves 25 (+4)
7. Tochigi SC 24 (+7)
8. Alo's Hokuriku 24 (-2)
9. Mitsubishi Mizushima 22 (-2)
10. Honda FC 20 (-)
11. TDK SC 20 (-4)
12. Gainare Tottori 18 (-3)
13. Ryutsu Keizai University 18 (-4)
14. FC Kariya 17 (-6)
15. Sony Sendai 17 (-12)
16. Sagawa Printing 16 (-10)
17. FC Ryukyu 13 (-16)
18. Arte Takasaki 5 (-21)
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