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Tokai League Division 1
The big match in Division 1 of the Tokai League on Sunday pitched together two of the teams with 100% records and it was Yazaki Valente who came out on top with a 3-1 triumph over Fujieda City Hall. But odds-on favourites Shizuoka FC made it three big wins out of three so far this year, beating Chukyo University 4-0 to remain in pole position on goal difference. Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo and Honda Suzuka stay in mid-table following their 1-1 draw, while Kasugai Club are stuck at the bottom as a result of their 2-1 defeat by Maruyasu Industries.

Sun 27 May: Maruyasu Industries 2-1 Kasugai Club
Sun 27 May: Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 1-1 Honda Suzuka
Sun 27 May: Shizuoka FC 4-0 Chukyo University
Sun 27 May: Yazaki Valente 3-1 Fujieda City Hall

1. Shizuoka FC 9 (+14)
2. Yazaki Valente 9 (+6)
3. Fujieda City Hall 6 (+1)
4. Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 4 (-1)
5. Honda Suzuka 4 (-4)
6. Maruyasu Industries 3 (-1)
7. Chukyo University 0 (-7)
8. Kasugai Club 0 (-8)
Tohoku League Division 2 (South)
There were only two matches played in the Tohoku League Division 2 (South), but Kanai Club will wish that they hadn't been involved in either of them. The strugglers held title hopefuls FC Perada Fukushima to 0-0 for the opening quarter of the game, but were 6-0 down at half time and eventually succumbed to a calamitous 14-0 defeat. As well as the humiliation for Kanai, the result is significant in that it gives Perada a vital improvement in their goal difference as they fight for promotion with Viancone Fukushima. In the other game, Soma SC continued their good start to the year with a 3-1 win at Nakaniida SC to remain in third position.

27 May 07 - It’s all a blur for Kanai Club

It’s all a blur for Kanai Club

Sun 27 May: FC Perada Fukushima 14-0 Kanai Club
Sun 27 May: Nakaniida SC 1-3 Soma SC

1. FC Perada Fukushima 13 (+23)
2. Viancone Fukushima 10 (+15)
3. Soma SC 9 (+7)
4. Marysol Matsushima 4 (-)
5. Nakaniida SC 4 (-3)
6. Shichigahama SC 3 (-1)
7. Kanai Club 3 (-28)
8. Kureha 0 (-13)
Tohoku League Division 2 (North)
There was a major shock in Division 2 (North) of the Tohoku League on Sunday, as FC Akita Cambiare lost a league game for the first time since 2005. It was the students of Fuji Club 2003 who came up trumps on this occasion in a 2-1 win that opens up the competition as a whole. Tono Club can also be considered contenders, as they kept going their own 100% record since the start of the year with a 1-0 victory at Vanraure Hachinohe. The other fixture was between the two newly promoted sides and Omiya Club remain stuck at the foot of the table following their defeat by Saruta Industry.

Sun 27 May: Fuji Club 2003 2-1 FC Akita Cambiare
Sun 27 May: Saruta Industry 3-1 Omiya Club
Sun 27 May: Vanraure Hachinohe 0-1 Tono Club

1. FC Akita Cambiare 10 (+11)
2. Tono Club 9 (+3)
3. Fuji Club 2003 6 (+3)
4. Saruta Industry 6 (+2)
5. Mizusawa United Club 4 (+2)
6. Hokuto Bank 3 (-2)
7. Vanraure Hachinohe 2 (-7)
8. Omiya Club 0 (-12)
Hokkaido League
Four matches in and already Norbritz Hokkaido would appear to be cruising to the 2007 Hokkaido League championship. The former Hokkaido Electric Power club are already five points clear at the top of the table, their latest win coming on Sunday at the expense of previously undefeated Sapporo Winds. Moving somewhat sluggishly into second place are Toyota Motors Hokkaido, who drew 2-2 with Blackpecker Hakodate, while Barefoot Hokkaido and Sapporo FC both edged towards mid-table security with wins over likely strugglers Hokushukai and Tokachifairsky Genesis respectively.

27 May 07 - Mad with anticipation for Tokachifairksy and Sapporo FC

Mad with anticipation for Tokachifairsky and Sapporo FC

Sun 27 May: Barefoot Hokkaido 5-0 Hokushukai
Sun 27 May: Blackpecker Hakodate 2-2 Toyota Motors Hokkaido
Sun 27 May: Norbritz Hokkaido 5-0 Sapporo Winds
Sun 27 May: Tokachifairsky Genesis 3-6 Sapporo FC

1. Norbritz Hokkaido 12 (+11)
2. Toyota Motors Hokkaido 7 (-)
3. Sapporo Winds 7 (-3)
4. Barefoot Hokkaido 6 (+4)
5. Blackpecker Hakodate 5 (-1)
6. Sapporo FC 4 (+1)
7. Hokushukai 2 (-7)
8. Tokachifairsky Genesis 1 (-5)
Tohoku League Division 1
There were three games in Division 1 of the Tohoku League on Sunday, current frontrunners NEC Tokin recovering from their first defeat of the season last week to beat Morioka Zebra 4-0. But three points behind and with two games in hand are favourites Grulla Morioka, who won by the same scoreline at bottom team Sendai Nakata Club. Promoted outfit Furukawa Battery continue to give a good account of themselves, picking up their third win in a row at the expense of potential relegation candidates Nippon Steel Kamaishi.

27 May 07 - Nippon Steel defend a Furukawa corner

Nippon Steel defend a Furukawa corner

Sun 27 May: Furukawa Battery 3-2 Nippon Steel Kamaishi
Sun 27 May: NEC Tokin 4-0 Morioka Zebra
Sun 27 May: Sendai Nakata Club 0-4 Grulla Morioka

1. NEC Tokin 12 (+8)
2. Grulla Morioka 9 (+8)
3. Furukawa Battery 9 (+2)
4. Wiese Shiogama 6 (+1)
5. Morioka Zebra 6 (-3)
6. FC Primeiro 3 (-1)
7. Nippon Steel Kamaishi 3 (-7)
8. Sendai Nakata Club 0 (-8)
Tokai League Division 2
It was a day of drawn games in round 3 of the Tokai League Division 2 season. Leaders Konica Minolta Toyokawa were held at home by MIE Rampole and second place Nagoya Club were unable to take advantage, surprisingly picking up just a single point from their match with FC Kawasaki. Promoted side Toyota Football Group avoided defeat for the first time this year in a goalless game at Mind House Yokkaichi, but Fuyo Club at least managed a 3-1 win that moved themselves up to third in the table and condemned Morishin's FC to bottom place.

27 May 07 - Konica Minolta in blue defend a MIE Rampole attack

Konica Minolta in blue defend a MIE Rampole attack

Sun 27 May: Fuyo Club 3-1 Morishin's FC
Sun 27 May: Konica Minolta Toyokawa 1-1 MIE Rampole
Sun 27 May: Mind House Yokkaichi 0-0 Toyota Football Group
Sun 27 May: Nagoya Club 1-1 FC Kawasaki

1. Konica Minolta Toyokawa 7 (+7)
2. Nagoya Club 7 (+2)
3. Fuyo Club 6 (+1)
4. Mind House Yokkaichi 5 (+1)
5. MIE Rampole 4 (+1)
6. FC Kawasaki 1 (-2)
7. Toyota Football Group 1 (-3)
8. Morishin's FC 1 (-7)
Kyushu League
There was significant action at the top and bottom of the Kyushu League on Sunday, but undoubtedly the most important result of the round was Honda Lock's shock 1-0 defeat at home by New Wave Kitakyushu. Yudai Nakashima got the vital goal in the second half - a score that simultaneously brings to an end Lock's 100% record since the start of the year, re-ignites New Wave's own stuttering promotion campaign and enables V Varen Nagasaki to return to the top of the table. For V Varen saw off Nippon Steel Oita 3-1 in what was for them the perfect preparation for next Sunday's vital clash with Lock.

The title race would therefore seem to be down to three teams, but the battle to avoid relegation is becoming increasingly complex; essentially, almost any of the other clubs apart from Nippon Steel could end up in the bottom two, although Okinawa Kariyushi helped their cause via a 3-1 win over neighbours Kaiho Bank SC. Kumamoto Teachers are unsurprisingly finding life tough following promotion from the Prefectural League and they lost again at Volca Kagoshima. But Nanakuma Tombies gave themselves some hope at least with their first points of the year by beating Osumi NIFS United.

27 May 07 - New Wave in white get the better of Honda Lock

New Wave in white get the better of Honda Lock

Sun 27 May: Honda Lock 0-1 New Wave Kitakyushu
Sun 27 May: Okinawa Kariyushi 3-1 Kaiho Bank SC
Sun 27 May: Osumi NIFS United 1-2 Nanakuma Tombies
Sun 27 May: V Varen Nagasaki 3-1 Nippon Steel Oita
Sun 27 May: Volca Kagoshima 3-1 Kumamoto Teachers

1. V Varen Nagasaki 23 (+34)
2. Honda Lock 21 (+28)
3. New Wave Kitakyushu 19 (+13)
4. Nippon Steel Oita 17 (+8)
5. Okinawa Kariyushi 12 (+1)
6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 12 (-5)
7. Volca Kagoshima 9 (-6)
8. Osumi NIFS United 7 (-9)
9. Kumamoto Teachers 6 (-15)
10. Kaiho Bank SC 6 (-24)
11. Nanakuma Tombies 3 (-25)

27 May 07 - The ever-excitable Nanakuma Tombies squad

The ever-excitable Nanakuma Tombies squad
Kanto League Division 2
The season is at its halfway point in Division 2 of the Kanto League and Ryutsu Keizai University reserves - otherwise known as Club Dragons - are rapidly becoming the team to beat. They strolled to a 5-1 win at Yonoshukonkai to move within a point of leaders MSDF Atsugi Marcus, who were held to a disappointing goalless draw at home to Hanno Bruder. Bouncing back from last weekend's 4-1 defeat by Atsugi were Furukawa Electrics Chiba, who beat bottom place Nirasaki Astros to stay level on points with Dragons. In the other match, Ome FC did their chances of avoiding relegation the world of good as they pulled off a potentially vital 2-1 win over Kanagawa Teachers.

Sat 26 May: Furukawa Electrics Chiba 4-0 Nirasaki Astros
Sat 26 May: Kanagawa Teachers 1-2 Ome FC
Sat 26 May: MSDF Atsugi Marcus 0-0 Hanno Bruder

Sun 27 May: Yonoshukonkai 1-5 Club Dragons

1. MSDF Atsugi Marcus 14 (+9)
2. Club Dragons 13 (+15)
3. Furukawa Electrics Chiba 13 (+2)
4. Yonoshukonkai 10 (+3)
5. Hanno Bruder 8 (-)
6. Kanagawa Teachers 7 (-4)
7. Ome FC 7 (-8)
8. Nirasaki Astros 5 (-17)
Kanto League Division 1
It was the big top-of-the-table game in Division 1 of the Kanto League on Sunday as Hitachi Tochigi Uva played host to leaders FC Machida Zelvia. And Zelvia maintained their 100% record so far this season with a seventh straight win, a brace from Kazuto Ishido in the first half proving the difference between the teams. Uva hold on to second place but are now under pressure from Luminozo Sayama, 3-2 winners at a YSCC side who appear to be going from champions in 2006 to relegation certainties this year. The other two teams in danger of the drop, Yaita SC and Toshiba Fuchu, both managed useful draws against Saitama SC and Toho Titanium respectively.

27 May 07 - Yippee, it’s goal time for FC Machida Zelvia

Yippee, it’s goal time for FC Machida Zelvia

Sun 27 May: Hitachi Tochigi Uva 0-2 FC Machida Zelvia
Sun 27 May: Toho Titanium 2-2 Toshiba Fuchu
Sun 27 May: Yaita SC 1-1 Saitama SC
Sun 27 May: YSCC 2-3 Luminozo Sayama

1. FC Machida Zelvia 21 (+14)
2. Hitachi Tochigi Uva 15 (+12)
3. Luminozo Sayama 13 (+2)
4. Saitama SC 10 (-2)
5. Toho Titanium 10 (-3)
6. Yaita SC 5 (-13)
7. Toshiba Fuchu 4 (-3)
8. YSCC 3 (-7)
Hokushinetsu League Division 2
There was a double-header of fixtures in Division 2 of the Hokushinetsu League over the weekend, Granscena Niigata making the most of the opporunity by picking up six points and moving into the promotion places. Saurcos Fukui nevertheless hold on to top spot - and are four points in front of Granscena - thanks in the main to a 5-0 win on Saturday over Toyama Shinjo Club. Shinjo might still be bottom of the league, but they nevertheless recovered well on Sunday to record their first victory of the season against Teihens FC. Struggling with them are Maruoka Phoenix, who after defeats to Ohara School JaSRA and FC Antelope Shiojiri have now lost five in a row. CUPS Niigata jump up out of the relegation zone as a result of two drawn games.

27 May 07 - FC Antelope, fresh as daisies after their win over Maruoka

FC Antelope, fresh as daisies after their win over Maruoka

Sat 26 May: FC Antelope Shiojiri 0-1 Granscena Niigata
Sat 26 May: Ohara School JaSRA 2-1 Maruoka Phoenix
Sat 26 May: Saurcos Fukui 5-0 Toyama Shinjo Club
Sat 26 May: Teihens FC 2-2 CUPS Niigata

Sun 27 May: CUPS Niigata 0-0 Saurcos Fukui
Sun 27 May: FC Antelope Shiojiri 2-0 Maruoka Phoenix
Sun 27 May: Ohara School JaSRA 0-4 Granscena Niigata
Sun 27 May: Toyama Shinjo Club 2-1 Teihens FC

1. Saurcos Fukui 19 (+13)
2. Granscena Niigata 15 (+8)
3. FC Antelope Shiojiri 15 (+4)
4. Ohara School JaSRA 13 (+1)
5. Teihens FC 11 (+5)
6. CUPS Niigata 8 (-6)
7. Maruoka Phoenix 6 (-5)
8. Toyama Shinjo Club 4 (-20)

27 May 07 - Another awful Granscena photo, this time against Ohara School

Another awful Granscena photo, this time against Ohara School
Chugoku League
It's now eight wins from eight for Fagiano Okayama in the Chugoku League, with Mazda SC the latest team to feel their wrath to the tune of a 6-0 thrashing. Their nearest challengers, FC Central Chugoku, therefore remain nine points behind despite a win by the exact same margin against bottom of the table Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado. Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku reclaim third place by beating JFE Steel Western Japan 2-1, but the shock of the day occurred at Hiroshima Fujita SC, where the home side managed their best result for some years in the shape of a 4-1 beating of Renofa Yamaguchi.

27 May 07 - Fagiano Okayama in the glamorous surrounds of Mazda SC

Fagiano Okayama in the glamorous surrounds of Mazda SC

Sun 27 May: Hiroshima Fujita SC 4-1 Renofa Yamaguchi
Sun 27 May: Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 0-6 FC Central Chugoku
Sun 27 May: JFE Steel Western Japan 1-2 Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku
Sun 27 May: Mazda SC 0-6 Fagiano Okayama

1. Fagiano Okayama 24 (+36)
2. FC Central Chugoku 15 (+10)
3. Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 12 (+10)
4. Renofa Yamaguchi 11 (-5)
5. Hiroshima Fujita SC 8 (-2)
6. JFE Steel Western Japan 7 (-12)
7. Mazda SC 7 (-14)
8. Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 3 (-23)
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