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FC Gifu - Associate Members, But...
Putting them alongside Rosso Kumamoto, Tochigi SC and Gainare Tottori, JFL newcomers FC Gifu have been awarded associate member status of the J-League - but with one important proviso. Under normal circumstances, this status amounts to a green light to achieve promotion to J2, with the J-League this year having confirmed that associate member teams finishing in the top four of the JFL will be eligible to go up.

Gifu, however, have another hoop through which they will need to jump if they are to achieve their ambition of reaching the ranks of the professionals. The J-League have in their case ruled that they must make improvements to the management structure and financing of the club - and that if the 2006 Tokai League champions fail to do so, they will not be promoted to J2 even if they win the JFL. Indications are that a further investigation into Gifu's affairs will take place in either June or August, in order to establish whether or not the required improvements have been made.

JFL News In Brief
A couple of friendly games were staged at the beginning of this week, with JFL leaders Rosso Kumamoto getting some more shooting practice by beating Miyazaki Sangyo-Keiei University 5-1 on Monday... the next day, Yokogawa Musashino notched up a 2-0 victory over Waseda University...
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