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JFL Sunday Results
After a number of shocks in the midweek fixtures, it was back to business as usual in the JFL on Sunday - which was particularly bad news for coach Hideo Yoshizawa and his FC Ryukyu team. They were crushed 6-0 by local rivals Rosso Kumamoto, who stormed to the top of the table thanks in part to a first-half hat-trick from Yutaka Takahashi. But Rosso are joined on nine points by FC Gifu, narrow 1-0 winners over their fellow promoted side TDK SC.

Honda FC, Sagawa Kyubin SC and YKK AP nevertheless all returned to winning ways to get their early season back on track. Champions Honda were comfortable in beating Mitsubishi Mizushima 2-0, Sagawa put for past Ryutsu Keizai University - with two apiece for Sho Gokuyu and Shogo Shimada - and YKK AP fought back from a goal down against Sagawa Printing to win 4-1.

26 Mar 07 - Early pace-setters Rosso Kumamoto prepare to give Ryukyu a spanking

Early pace-setters Rosso Kumamoto prepare to give Ryukyu a spanking

Both dropping their first points of the season, meanwhile, were Tochigi SC and Alo's Hokuriku. They both will be disappointed to have drawn home fixtures with JEF Reserves and Gainare Tottori respectively, although Tochigi actually trailed for most of their match to a fifth-minute Takeshi Hasunuma opener. In the other match, Arte Takasaki slumped to defeat at Sony Sendai, who jumped up to mid-table with their first win of the year.

26 Mar 07 - Sagawa Kyubin goalscorer Shogo Shimada

Sagawa Kyubin goalscorer Shogo Shimada

Sun 25 Mar: Alo's Hokuriku 0-0 Gainare Tottori
Sun 25 Mar: FC Gifu 1-0 TDK SC
Sun 25 Mar: Honda FC 2-0 Mitsubishi Mizushima
Sun 25 Mar: Rosso Kumamoto 6-0 FC Ryukyu
Sun 25 Mar: Sagawa Kyubin SC 4-0 Ryutsu Keizai University
Sun 25 Mar: Sony Sendai 2-0 Arte Takasaki
Sun 25 Mar: Tochigi SC 1-1 JEF Reserves
Sun 25 Mar: YKK AP 4-1 Sagawa Printing

1. Rosso Kumamoto 9 (+8)
2. FC Gifu 9 (+4)
3. Yokogawa Musashino 7 (+3)
4. Tochigi SC 7 (+3)
5. Alo's Hokuriku 7 (+2)
6. Sagawa Kyubin SC 6 (+4)
7. Honda FC 6 (+3)
8. YKK AP 6 (+2)
9. Sony Sendai 4 (+1)
10. JEF Reserves 4 (-)
11. Ryutsu Keizai University 3 (-2)
12. Mitsubishi Mizushima 3 (-3)
13. Arte Takasaki 3 (-3)
14. Gainare Tottori 2 (-1)
15. FC Ryukyu 1 (-7)
16. TDK SC 0 (-4)
17. Sagawa Printing SC 0 (-5)
18. FC Kariya 0 (-5)

26 Mar 07 - Disappointment - A Study, courtesy Tochigi SC

Disappointment - A Study, courtesy Tochigi SC

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