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JFL Fixtures Released
The JFL have released details of the league fixtures for the forthcoming 2007 season. Fans of the Japanese non-league game have been especially eager to have sight of the listings since it was announced on Tuesday that a top-four finish will this year be sufficient to enable any of the clubs with J-League associate membership - Rosso Kumamoto, SC Tochigi and Gainare Tottori, although FC Gifu will in all probability be added to this list before too long - to gain promotion to J2.

The campaign opens with a full set of nine matches on Sunday 18th March, with the highlights undoubtedly being champions Honda FC against newcomers FC Gifu, and the new Sagawa Kyubin SC team hosting the other promoted side, TDK SC. Equally, in the final round at the beginning of December, TDK visit Honda for what will be a tough end to their first year in the JFL since it was reorganised in 1999.

The opening and closing day fixtures, together with some of the other highlights of what is likely to be an exciting year of football, are below.

Sun 18 Mar: Alo's Hokuriku - FC Kariya
Sun 18 Mar: Arte Takasaki - Gainare Tottori
Sun 18 Mar: Honda FC - FC Gifu
Sun 18 Mar: Rosso Kumamoto - Ryutsu Keizai University
Sun 18 Mar: Sagawa Kyubin SC - TDK SC
Sun 18 Mar: Sony Sendai - JEF Reserves
Sun 18 Mar: Tochigi SC - FC Ryukyu
Sun 18 Mar: YKK AP - Mitsubishi Mizushima
Sun 18 Mar: Yokogawa Musashino - Sagawa Printing

Sun 06 May: Alo's Hokuriku - YKK AP
Sun 20 May: Rosso Kumamoto - FC Gifu

Sun 03 Jun: Rosso Kumamoto - Sagawa Kyubin SC
Sun 10 Jun: Honda FC - Rosso Kumamoto
Sat 16 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin SC - FC Gifu
Sun 24 Jun: Honda FC - Sagawa Kyubin SC
Fri 29 Jun: FC Gifu - Honda FC

Sun 05 Aug: YKK AP - Alo's Hokuriku
Sun 19 Aug: FC Gifu - Rosso Kumamoto

Sat 13 Oct: Sagawa Kyubin SC - Rosso Kumamoto
Sat 20 Oct: Rosso Kumamoto - Honda FC

Sun 18 Nov: Sagawa Kyubin SC - Honda FC
Sun 25 Nov: FC Gifu - Sagawa Kyubin SC

Sun 02 Dec: Alo's Hokuriku - JEF Reserves
Sun 02 Dec: Arte Takasaki - FC Gifu
Sun 02 Dec: Honda FC - TDK SC
Sun 02 Dec: Rosso Kumamoto - Sagawa Printing
Sun 02 Dec: Sagawa Kyubin SC - Mitsubishi Mizushima
Sun 02 Dec: Sony Sendai - Gainare Tottori
Sun 02 Dec: Tochigi SC - FC Kariya
Sun 02 Dec: YKK AP - Ryutsu Keizai University
Sun 02 Dec: Yokogawa Musashino - FC Ryukyu

JFL News In Brief
...midfielder Masahiro Ikeda, formerly a JFL player with Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo, has moved from Shonan Bellmare to JFL newcomers TDK SC. He will be joined there by Masatoshi Matsuda, a forward from Kyoto Sanga...
Regional League News In Brief
... V Varen Nagasaki, 2-1 winners over Gainare Tottori on Saturday, beat J2 neighbours Sagan Tosu 3-0 in a friendly on Sunday... ex-Tosu defender Takuji Miyoshi has joined Hokushinetsu League Division 1 newcomers Valiente Toyama, having been released by Alo's Hokuriku at the end of last year... Tsubasa Watabe, on loan during 2006 at SC Tottori from Shonan Bellmare, has joined Banditonce Kobe. The Kansai League title holders have also signed Masateru Akita from Mito Hollyhock, Tosu Sato from Kindai University and goalkeeper Mitsuru Nishikawa from Kyushu Sogo Sports College... Iwate-based hopefuls FC Ganju Iwate have snapped up striker Yuki Okamoto and midfield player Kinoto Saito from Mito Hollyhock...
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