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Grulla & Zebra Clash In Winter League
Local rivals Morioka Zebra and Grulla Morioka from Division 1 of the Tohoku League are taking part throughout February in a round robin Winter League competition, alongside college teams Iwate University and Fuji University. The schedule is as per below, with all matches taking place at the Fuji University Soccer Stadium:

Sun 18 Feb: Fuji University - Iwate University
Sun 18 Feb: Morioka Zebra - Grulla Morioka

Sat 24 Feb: Fuji University - Morioka Zebra
Sat 24 Feb: Grulla Morioka - Iwate University

Sun 25 Feb: Fuji University - Grulla Morioka
Sun 25 Feb: Iwate University - Morioka Zebra
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