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JFL News In Brief
Rosso Kumamoto's defensive lynchpin Shin Asahina has left the JFL club to join Kansai Leaguers Banditonce Kobe... the 2007 amalgamated Sagawa Kyubin SC squad will consist of sixteen Sagawa Kyubin Osaka players and fifteen from Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo... the coach will be Masahi Nakaguchi, who spent 2006 in charge of Sagawa Osaka... Mitsumasa Kosugi has become assistant coach at FC Kariya, having moved from the coaching staff at FC Ryukyu... defenders Osamu Matsumoto and Shinya Hagiuda together with midfield player Takashi Nakagawa have all left Tochigi SC...

26th Western Japan Football Tournament

Details have been released of the ever-confusing 26th Western Japan Football Tournament, which is due to be played in Yamaguchi over the weekend of 23rd - 25th February. This is a competition for teams finishing the previous season in the top two places of the Kyushu, Shikoku, Chugoku and Kansai Regional Leagues, and which last year was won by FC Ryukyu.

Moreover, as well as an early opportunity to see some of the key non-league sides in the country play each other in a competitive environment, the tournament also offers fans a chance to puzzle over its unusual format, which JNFN will here attempt to explain...

Group 1

Fri 23 Feb: Match 1: Banditonce Kobe - FC Central Chugoku
Fri 23 Feb: Match 2: V Varen Nagasaki - Nangoku Kochi

Sat 24 Feb: Match 3: Winner Match 1 - Winner Match 2
Sat 24 Feb: Match 4: Loser Match 1 - Loser Match 2

Group 2

Fri 23 Feb: Match 5: Fagiano Okayama - Nippon Steel Oita
Fri 23 Feb: Match 6: Kamatamare Sanuki - FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu

Sat 24 Feb: Match 7: Winner Match 5 - Winner Match 6
Sat 24 Feb: Match 8: Loser Match 7 - Loser Match 8

Sun 25 Feb: Tournament Decider: Winner Match 3 - Winner Match 7
Sun 25 Feb: 3rd / 4th place Decider: Loser Match 3 - Loser Match 7
Sun 25 Feb: 5th / 6th place Decider: Winner Match 4 - Winner Match 8
Sun 25 Feb: 7th / 8th place Decider: Loser Match 4 - Loser Match 8
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