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Junkers Ride The Dream
What with Northern Peaks Koriyama having recently announced their intention to regroup as Biancone Fukushima as part of the Tohoku League Division 2 (South) team's attempts to provide Fukushima prefecture with a J-League team, news emerges that they now have a more immediate rival that had previously been the case. Fukushima Junkers have for some years been battling through the divisions of the Prefectural League with a long-term eye on turning professional - but having finally reached Division 1, they have also confirmed that the club is to merge management with Biancone's fellow Regional League members FC Perada Fukushima.

Despite now being a single organisational entity, the separate names will be retained: as of the 2007 season, FC Perada will continue to compete in the Tohoku League Division 2 (South) but now have the definite target of a J2 place. Junkers meanwhile will exist as a reserve team in the Prefectural League. The scene is set for one of Japanese football's smaller-scale, but nevertheless still intriguing, battles.

04 Jan 07 - The Fukushima dream continues to take shape

The Fukushima dream continues to take shape

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