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Tokai League Prefectural Play-offs
Details have been announced of the play-offs by which teams achieve promotion from the local Prefectural Leagues to Division 2 of the Tokai League. An eight-team knock-out tournament will be held over a weekend in mid-January, the two finalists going on to replace relegated sides Morishin's FC and FC Kawasaki, both of whom were immediately relegated back out of the Regional League having moved up only twelve months ago.

The participants at Suzuka's Sports Garden will be as follows:

Aichi: FC Goal - FCゴール - and Toyota Football Group - トヨタ蹴球団
Gifu: Yoro Club - 養老クラブ - and Ogaki FC Kogans - 大垣FCコーガンズ
Mie: Ise Personna FC - 伊勢PERSONNA.FC and MIE Rampole - M.I.E.ランポーレ
Shizuoka: Yamaha Motors - ヤマハ発動機 - and Fujieda Nelson - 藤枝ネルソン

First Round

Sat 13 Jan: Yamaha Motors - Ogaki FC Kogans
Sat 13 Jan: FC Goal - MIE Rampole
Sat 13 Jan: Yoro Club - Fujieda Nelson
Sat 13 Jan: Ise Personna FC - Toyota Football Group

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