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Tohoku League Division 2 (South)
With a vital victory over Northern Peaks Koriyama on Sunday and the late confirmation of another win earlier in the season against Kureha Chemicals, Furukawa Battery have claimed the Tohoku League Division 2 (South) title with a game to spare. Their 4-2 defeat of Northern Peaks means that Furukawa now lie four points ahead of Marysol Matsushima, with this coming Sunday's match between the two now being played for pride only. Elsewhere at the weekend, FC Perada Fuksuhima managed their biggest win of the season in defeating relegation play-off candidates Kureha 7-1 and Kanai Club anchored themselves firmly in mid-table with their win at Shichigahama SC.

15 Oct 06 - Tug of love - Furukawa Battery in blue against Northern Peaks

Tug of love - Furukawa Battery in blue against Northern Peaks

Sun 15 Oct: Furukawa Battery 4-2 Northern Peaks Koriyama
Sun 15 Oct: Kureha Chemicals 1-7 FC Perada Fukushima
Sun 15 Oct: Shichigahama SC 2-3 Kanai Club

1 Furukawa Battery 31 (+39)
2 Marysol Matsushima 27 (+35)
3 Northern Peaks Koriyama 24 (+26)
4 Kanai Club 15 (-21)
5 FC Perada Fukushima 10 (-13)
6 Shichigahama SC 8 (-15)
7 Kureha Chemicals 0 (-51)

Tohoku League Division 1
In their final game of the 2006 season on Sunday, Morioka Zebra gained a potentially vital 2-1 win at Wiese Shiogama to increase their chances of remaining in the Tohoku League Division 1. Below them, and each with one fixture remaining, are Sendai Nakata Club and Nippon Steel Kamaishi, with Sendai Nakata currently occupying the play-off spot and Nippon Steel apparently doomed to automatic relegation. All will be confirmed this coming weekend, when Nippon Steel host Grulla Morioka and Wiese travelling to Sendai Nakata.

Sun 15 Oct: Wiese Shiogama 1-2 Morioka Zebra

1 TDK Akita 39 (+49)
2 Grulla Morioka 30 (+11)
3 NEC Tokin 21 (+8)
4 FC Primeiro 19 (-11)
5 Wiese Shiogama 12 (-3)
6 Morioka Zebra 12 (-18)
7 Sendai Nakata Club 10 (-9)
8 Nippon Steel Kamaishi 7 (-27)
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