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Emperor's Cup Second Round
23 Sep 06 - Flags a-flying prior to the RKU - Rosso Kumamoto tie

Flags a-flying prior to the RKU - Rosso Kumamoto tie

Ties played on Sat 23 Sep, except as stated.

Nippon Steel Oita 3-1 Matsumoto Yamaga Club
Kochi University 4-0 SC Tottori
Kanoya University of Physical Education 0-3 Biwako Seikei Sport College
Nirasaki Astros 1-3 Ritsumeikan University (AET)
Mitsubishi Mizushima 2-0 FC Central Chugoku
Kansai University 0-0 FC Ryukyu (PK 6-5)
Kanagawa University 0-1 FC Gifu
Aichi Gakuin University 1-8 Banditonce Kobe
Shobi Gakuen University 0-2 Tochigi SC
Ryutsu Keizai University 0-2 Rosso Kumamoto
Shizuoka FC 2-1 Arte Takasaki
YKK AP 1-0 Hachinohe University (AET)
Hosei University 2-0 TDK Akita

Sun 24 Sep: Fukuoka University 0-2 Miyazaki Sangyo-Keiei University

Tokai League Division 1
A single game was scheduled for the Tokai League Division 1 over the weekend, with experienced campaigners Fujieda City Hall confirming their status at the top level of Regional football with a 3-1 win over relegated Chukyo University.

Sat 23 Sep: Fujieda City Hall 3-1 Chukyo University

1 FC Gifu 37 (+43)
2 Shizuoka FC 32 (+31)
3 Yazaki Valente 25 (+4)
4 Maruyasu Industry 18 (-4)
5 Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 18 (-7)
6 Fujieda City Hall 16 (-9)
7 Chukyo University 8 (-22)
8 ACM Central 2 (-36)
Hokkaido League
The 2006 Hokkaido League season came to a conclusion on Sunday, but with Norbritz Hokkaido already crowned as champions and ACSC Asahikawa certain to fill the single automatic relegation spot, attention was on the three sides vying to avoid a seventh place finish and a relegation play-off. Toyota Motors Hokkaido - who occupied seventh in 2005 - did themselves a huge favour with a 2-1 win over Sapporo Football Group to rise above the other contenders. Defeated at home by ACSC Tokachi Fairsky might have been - but it didn't matter in the end, because Thank FC were also beaten by Norbritz and so concluded the campaign with one point fewer than Tokachi, meaning that Thank will need to play off to retain their Regional League status. In the other fixture, Barefoot Hokkaido made sure of the runners up position as they overcame Blackpecker Hakodate.

24 Sep 06 - A very large Tokachi Fairsky banner

A very large Tokachi Fairsky banner

Sun 24 Sep: Barefoot Hokkaido 3-1 Blackpecker Hakodate
Sun 24 Sep: Tokachi Fairsky 1-2 ACSC Asahikawa
Sun 24 Sep: Thank FC 0-2 Norbritz Hokkaido
Sun 24 Sep: Toyota Motors Hokkaido 2-1 Sapporo Football Group

1 Norbritz Hokkaido 33 (+32)
2 Barefoot Hokkaido 27 (+4)
3 Sapporo Football Group 23 (+14)
4 Blackpecker Hakodate 18 (-)
5 Toyota Motors Hokkaido 18 (-11)
6 Tokachi Fairsky 16 (-7)
7 Thank FC 15 (-3)
8 ACSC Asahikawa 8 (-29)
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