Japanese Non-league Football News

Tohoku Division 2(N)
There was just a single fixture in Division 2 (North) of the Tohoku League over the weekend - indeed, over the whole of the Regional league set-up across Japan - which saw Hokuto Bank pick up an excellent 5-2 win at TDK Shinwakai. Hokuto now move closer to mid-table with games in hand over the teams around them, but newly-promoted TDK are struggling and have now lost six of their last seven matches, conceding twenty in the last four as they find it hard to come to terms with the higher level of football.

Sat 12 Aug: TDK Shinwakai 2-5 Hokuto Bank

1 FC Akita Cambiare 24 (+18)
2 Mizusawa United Club 18 (+12)
3 Tono Club 13 (+11)
4 Vanraure Hachinohe 10 (-8)
5 Hokuto Bank 8 (-)
6 Fuji Club 2003 7 (-2)
7 TDK Shinwakai 5 (-20)
8 Aster Aomori 3 (-11)

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