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JFL - Round 19 (Saturday)
Four more games in the JFL on the Saturday of the holiday weekend - and leaders Honda FC are now four points clear at the top, as goals from Kodai Suzuki, Ryosuke Horiki and Suzuki's strike partner Junya Nitta gave the Hamamatsu-based side a 3-0 win over Sagawa Printing. Moving into second place ahead of Sagawa Kyubin Osaka (who play Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo on Sunday) are Rosso Kumamoto, although they made heavy weather of it against Arte Takasaki. Two goals from top scorer Yutaka Takahashi seemed to have put the J-League hopefuls in total control in the first eight minutes, but the beleaguered Arte fought back and were level before half-time. Rosso eventually claimed all three points thanks to a winner from Hiroshi Fukushima six minutes after the break.

Something of a form team at present are Yokogawa Musashino, who continued their good run with a 2-0 win at Sony Sendai and are now level on points with Sagawa Osaka and four in front of both YKK AP and Tochigi SC. Like YKK, neighbours Alo's Hokuriku are fading from the title race and their latest disappointment came in the form of a 1-1 draw at home to Ryutsu Keizai University which keeps them stuck somewhere down towards mid-table. It was a decent result for RKU, though, for whom every single point is priceless in their battle to avoid a relegation play-off spot - bad news, though, for the likes of Honda Lock, Mitsubishi Mizushima and FC Ryukyu, who all seem destined to stay in the dogfight until the end of the season.

15 Jul 06 - Ryosuke Horikiri, on target for Honda FC

Ryosuke Horikiri, on target for Honda FC

Sat 15 Jul: Alo's Hokuriku 1-1 Ryutsu Keizai University
Sat 15 Jul: Honda FC 3-0 Sagawa Printing
Sat 15 Jul: Rosso Kumamoto 3-2 Arte Takasaki
Sat 15 Jul: Sony Sendai 0-2 Yokogawa Musashino

1 Honda FC 44 (+20)
2 Rosso Kumamoto 40 (+16)
3 Sagawa Kyubin Osaka 39 (+21)
4 Yokogawa Musashino 39 (+13)
5 YKK AP 35 (+21)
6 Tochigi SC 35 (+13)
7 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo 33 (+27)
8 Alo's Hokuriku 33 (+15)
9 Sony Sendai 29 (+4)
10 SC Tottori 22 (+4)
11 Arte Takasaki 22 (-10)
12 JEF Club 16 (-9)
13 Sagawa Printing 16 (-20)
14 FC Kariya 15 (-17)
15 FC Ryukyu 12 (-13)
16 Ryutsu Keizai University 12 (-20)
17 Mitsubishi Mizushima 11 (-32)
18 Honda Lock 9 (-33)

15 Jul 06 - Rosso Kumamoto’s ex-Avispa Fukuoka forward Hiroshi Fukushima

Rosso Kumamoto’s ex-Avispa Fukuoka forward Hiroshi Fukushima

Kansai League Division 2 - Round 14
This weekend sees the first of the Regional League seasons to come to an end - and the first division to cross the line is Division 2 of the Kansai League. Technonet Osaka take the title and promotion, all confirmed thanks to a 3-0 stroll past Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe; while following Technonet up into Division 1 for 2007 will be second-placed FC Kyoto BAMB 1993, themselves easy winners against Hermano Osaka. At the other end of the table, Kobe FC Senior C finish rock bottom and are likely to be relegated automatically to the prefectural leagues despite beating Kohga School, who will probably need to take part in a play-off in order to stay up, thanks to their defeat combined with a comfortable win for their rivals Kihoku Football Group at Riseisha FC

15 Jul 06 - Could be sayonara to Kansai League strugglers Kohga School

Could be sayonara to Kansai League strugglers Kohga School

Sat 15 Jul: FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 5-1 Hermano Osaka
Sat 15 Jul: Kobe FC Senior C 1-0 Kohga School
Sat 15 Jul: Riseisha FC 2-4 Kihoku Football Group
Sat 15 Jul: Technonet Osaka 3-0 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe

1 Technonet Osaka 35 (+17)
2 FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 34 (+33)
3 Hermano Osaka 22 (+6)
4 Riseisha FC 19 (+4)
5 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 17 (-9)
6 Kihoku Football Group 14 (-23)
7 Kohga School 9 (-13)
8 Kobe FC Senior C 8 (-15)

Technonet Osaka and FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 are therefore promoted to the Kansai League Division 1 for 2007. Kobe FC Senior C are probably relegated direct to the prefectural leagues. Kohga School will probably participate in a play-off in order to remain in the league.
All-Japan Shakaijin 2006 - Kanto Qualification Tournament

Sun 02 Jul: Luminozo Sayama 0-2 FC Seibudai
Sun 02 Jul: Tamaho SC 0-1 All Kamisu SC
Sun 02 Jul: Saitama SC 1-3 Chiba Teachers SC
Sun 02 Jul: Utsunomiya FC 0-4 FC Machida Zelvia
Sun 02 Jul: MSDF Atsugi Marcus 0-1 Tonan SC Gunma
Sun 02 Jul: Hitachi Building System 2-3 Furukawa Electrics Chiba
Sun 02 Jul: Toho Titanium 1-0 Tostem FC
Sun 02 Jul: Pioneer Kawagoe 3-4 Ome FC
Sun 02 Jul: YSCC 1-0 Tokyo Bay FC
Sun 02 Jul: Tokai FC Wings 2-1 Kanagawa Teachers SC
Sun 02 Jul: Yaita SC 4-4 Ome FC Diego (PK 5-3)
Sun 02 Jul: Sagawa Kyubin Saitama 2-3 Nirasaki Astros
Sun 02 Jul: Hanno Bruder 3-0 Hitachi Tochigi Uva
Sun 02 Jul: Aries FC 2-1 Toshiba Fuchu (AET)

Sun 09 Jul: FC Seibudai 2-4 All Kamisu SC
Sun 09 Jul: Chiba Teachers SC 0-3 FC Machida Zelvia
Sun 09 Jul: Tonan SC Gunma 4-1 Furukawa Electrics Chiba
Sun 09 Jul: Toho Titanium 2-0 Ome FC
Sun 09 Jul: YSCC 3-2 Tokai FC Wings
Sun 09 Jul: Yaita SC 0-0 Nirasaki Astros (PK 2-4)
Sun 09 Jul: Hanno Bruder 1-0 Aries FC

All Kamisu SC, FC Machida Zelvia, Tonan SC Gunma, Toho Titanium, YSCC, Nirasaki Astros and Hanno Bruder therefore qualify for the national finals in Akita in October.

09 Jul 06 - It’s the mighty Tonan SC Gunma

It’s the mighty Tonan SC Gunma

For followers of the Japanese regional leagues, six of the names of the qualifiers will probably be recognisable as members of the two divisions of the Kanto League. The exception, perhaps, are Tonan SC Gunma, one of the stronger sides in the area's prefectural leagues. Indeed, the club currently lead the Gunma Prefectural League Division 1 with seven wins and two draws in nine games - but although despite being successful enough now, a reputation for consistently rough play actually saw them relegated to Division 2 at one point in the late 80s. The 2006 squad nevertheless includes a large number of players with experience of regional level football and above, such as strikers Hideki Sekine from Mitsubishi Mizushima and 32-year-old Hiroshi Aso, many moons ago on the books at Nagoya Grampus 8. Having already eliminated two higher-ranked teams from the competition, Tonan may be outsiders for the Shakaijin this year, but cannot be completely dismissed.

10 Jul 06 - All Kamisu SC squad members pray for victory before their game with FC Seibudai

All Kamisu SC squad members pray for victory before their game with FC Seibudai
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