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Tokai League Division 2
Round 8 of the Tokai League Division 2 season on Sunday was full of shocks, with only Mind House TC's home win over Konica Minolta Toyokawa going to form, as Konica are now without a victory in four games. But top of the table Honda Suzuka lost for the first time this season, 2-0 to promoted team Morishin's FC, who move third on goal difference in a cramped mid-table. Second place Kasugai Club were also beaten by Fuyo Club, who move out of the relegation zone as a result, and FC Kawasaki kick-started their season in dramatic fashion with a 5-1 trouncing of Nagoya Club.

25 Jun 06 - Morishin’s celebrate their win over Honda by kicking the goalscorer on the floor

Morishin’s celebrate their win over Honda by kicking the goalscorer on the floor

Sun 25 Jun: FC Kawasaki 5-1 Nagoya Club
Sun 25 Jun: Kasugai Club 0-1 Fuyo Club
Sun 25 Jun: Mind House TC 2-1 Konica Minolta Toyokawa
Sun 25 Jun: Morishin's FC 2-0 Honda Suzuka

1 Honda Suzuka 19 (+5)
2 Kasugai Club 16 (+8)
3 Morishin's FC 10 (+3)
4 Mind House TC 10 (+2)
5 Konica Minolta Toyokawa 10 (-1)
6 Fuyo Club 10 (-5)
7 Nagoya Club 9 (-2)
8 FC Kawasaki 3 (-10)

Tohoku League Division 2 (South)
There were just two matches in the Tohoku League Division 2 (South) over the weekend and with leaders Marisol Matsushima having the weekend off, Furukawa Battery picked up their fourth win in four games to move within three points of Marisol, still having two more matches in hand. FC Perada Fukushima won for the first time following promotion from their Prefectural League in spectacular style, 6-2 at a Kureha Chemicals side who have conceded eighteen in their four fixtures to date.

25 Jun 06 - A vicious Furukawa Battery free kick against Northern Peaks

A vicious Furukawa Battery free kick against Northern Peaks

Sun 25 Jun: FC Perada Fukushima 6-2 Kureha Chemicals
Sun 25 Jun: Northern Peaks Koriyama 0-1 Furukawa Battery

1 Marisol Matsushima 15 (+14)
2 Furukawa Battery 12 (+8)
3 Kanai Club 6 (+1)
4 Northern Peaks Koriyama 6 (-)
5 FC Perada Fukushima 4 (-6)
6 Shichigahama SC 4 (-9)
7 Kureha Chemicals 0 (-8)
Tohoku League Division 2 (North)
Division 2 (North) of the Tohoku League continues to be led by FC Akita Cambiare, who on Sunday claimed their sixth straight win of the year and already have a foot in next season's Division 1. It is difficult to compare progress in this division due to the fact that while teams such as Cambiare and second-placed Mizusawa United Club have played six matches, Hokuto Bank's draw on Saturday with Fuji Club 2003 was only their second fixture of the year. As such, Aster Aomori were picking up their first win of 2006 against Vanrarure Hachinohe and Fuji Club must be considered in danger of relegation, as they lie just one point above Hokuto despite having played three more games.

Sun 18 Jun: Mizusawa United Club 4-0 Fuji Club 2003

Sat 24 Jun: Hokuto Bank 2-2 Fuji Club 2003

Sun 25 Jun: FC Akita Cambiare 2-0 Tono Club
Sun 25 Jun: Vanrarure Hachinohe 2-4 Aster Aomori

1 FC Akita Cambiare 18 (+14)
2 Mizusawa United Club 12 (+8)
3 Tono Club 7 (-)
4 Vanrarure Hachinohe 7 (-2)
5 TDK Shinwakai 4 (-5)
6 Aster Aomori 3 (-7)
7 Fuji Club 2003 2 (-6)
8 Hokuto Bank 1 (-2)
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