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Tohoku League Division 1
At the halfway stage of the Tohoku League Division 1 season, it was potentially title decider day on Saturday as Grulla Morioka hosted TDK Akita in a head-to-head of the two powerhouses of the Region. And it was the more established company side who emerged victorious, two goals in the last fifteen minutes from striker Dai Harada enabling TDK to come from behind for a 3-2 win in front of 1800 fans. Further down the table, mid-ranking sides FC Primeiro and NEC Tokin picked up good away wins at Sendai Nakata Club and Nippon Steel Kamaishi respectively, while Wiese Shiogama and Morioka Zebra picked up a useful point apiece in a 1-1 draw.

25 Jun 06 - Yosuke Nishi scores from the spot for Grulla against TDK

Yosuke Nishi scores from the spot for Grulla against TDK

Sun 25 Jun: Grulla Morioka 2-3 TDK Akita
Sun 25 Jun: Morioka Zebra 1-1 Wiese Shiogama
Sun 25 Jun: Nippon Steel Kamaishi 0-3 NEC Tokin
Sun 25 Jun: Sendai Nakata Club 3-4 FC Primeiro

1 TDK Akita 21 (+28)
2 Grulla Morioka 18 (+10)
3 FC Primeiro 13 (-5)
4 NEC Tokin 10 (+3)
5 Wiese Shiogama 6 (-4)
6 Morioka Zebra 5 (-7)
7 Nippon Steel Kamaishi 1 (-17)
8 Sendai Nakata Club 0 (-8)

Kanto League Division 2 - Round 10
Four rounds to go in the Kanto League Division 2 and FC Machida Zelvia and Furukawa Electrics Chiba show no signs of letting their grip weaken on the two promotion spots. After a couple of wobbly draws, Machida returned to winning ways with a 6-3 drubbing of Kanagawa Teachers to stay a point ahead of Furukawa, whose 4-2 triumph over Aries FC was their fifth consuective win. Hitachi Tochigi Uva are clear in third thanks to a 3-0 win at inconsistent Ome FC, while All Kamisu SC look as if they might go straightback down to the Prefectural Leagues on the back of their poor defensive record - after their 4-2 home defeat by Nirasaki Astros, they've conceded 31 in ten games.

25 Jun 06 - Promotion challengers Furukawa Electrics Chiba

Promotion challengers Furukawa Electrics Chiba

Sun 25 Jun: Furukawa Electrics Chiba 4-2 Aries FC
Sun 25 Jun: Ome FC 0-3 Hitachi Tochigi Uva
Sun 25 Jun: All Kamisu SC 2-4 Nirasaki Astros
Sun 25 Jun: FC Machida Zelvia 6-3 Kanagawa Teachers

1 FC Machida Zelvia 23 (+24)
2 Furukawa Electrics Chiba 22 (+12)
3 Hitachi Tochigi Uva 18 (+7)
4 Nirasaki Astros 15 (-3)
5 Ome FC 12 (-5)
6 Kanagawa Teachers 8 (-9)
7 All Kamisu SC 6 (-15)
8 Aries FC 5 (-11)
Kansai League Division 2 - Round 11
Three draws out of four fixtures in round 11 of the Kansai league Division 2 on Saturday means not much in the way of change to the rankings, most notably in the promotion places, where front two FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 and Technonet Osaka were goalless in their match. With Kohga School getting a 1-1 draw at Riseisha FC and Kobe FC Senior C picking up only their second point of the year against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe, Kihoku Football Group missed an opportunity to move away from the relegation trapdoor when they were hammered 6-1 by Hermano Osaka.

24 Jun 06 - Kobe FC Senior C go close against Mitsubishi Kobe

Kobe FC Senior C go close against Mitsubishi Kobe

Sat 24 Jun: FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 0-0 Technonet Osaka
Sat 24 Jun: Kihoku Football Group 1-6 Hermano Osaka
Sat 24 Jun: Kobe FC Senior C 1-1 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe
Sat 24 Jun: Kohga School 1-1 Riseisha FC

1 FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 27 (+28)
2 Technonet Osaka 26 (+9)
3 Hermano Osaka 19 (+9)
4 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 17 (-)
5 Riseisha FC 15 (+4)
6 Kohga School 9 (-7)
7 Kihoku Football Group 8 (-26)
8 Kobe FC Senior C 2 (-17)
Kanto League Division 1 - Round 10
Ten rounds into the Kanto League Division 1 season, surprise leaders Yaita SC have finally lost their unbeaten record. Title holders Luminozo Sayama inflicted what could be a crucial defeat, reducing Yaita's lead to five points with four matches to play. Behind Luminozo, the mid-table is as bunched as ever, Toshiba Fuchu moving third after an easy win over MSDF Atsugi Marcus, while Saitama SC beat YSCC. Atsugi's loss means that Toho Titanium jump out of the relegation places thanks to their 4-1 win at Hanno Bruder, who are beginning to look as if they will drop straight back down to Division 2.

25 Jun 06 - Yaita put Luminozo Sayama under pressure to no avail

Yaita put Luminozo Sayama under pressure to no avail

Sat 24 Jun: Hanno Bruder 1-4 Toho Titanium
Sat 24 Jun: Saitama SC 3-0 YSCC

Sun 25 Jun: Yaita SC 1-3 Luminozo Sayama
Sun 25 Jun: Toshiba Fuchu 2-0 MSDF Atsugi Marcus

1 Yaita SC 23 (+12)
2 Luminozo Sayama 18 (+10)
3 Toshiba Fuchu 16 (+3)
4 Saitama SC 15 (+6)
5 YSCC 15 (+5)
6 Toho Titanium 10 (-12)
7 MSDF Atsugi Marcus 8 (-10)
8 Hanno Bruder 6 (-14)
Tokai League Division 1 - Round 8
A crowd of 2615 were present to witness FC Gifu's vital 2-0 win over Shizuoka FC on Saturday, a result that presents the newly-promoted Gifu with a superb opportunity to take the Tokai League Division 1 title - and potentially to go for promotion to the JFL at the end of the year. It was the first defeat that either side have sustained this season and means that Shizuoka now have a three-point gap to make up if they are to retain their grip on the championship. Yazaki Valente lie a further four points off the pace in third following their 2-1 win over ACM Central, who are odds-on for relegation. It's questionable who is most likely to be joining them in Division 2, given that Fujieda City Hall gained a valuable 1-0 win at Maruyasu Industry to jump out of the drop zone, where they're replaced by Chukyo University, defeated 4-2 at Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo.

24 Jun 06 - Tetsuya Ito puts FC Gifu one up against Shizuoka FC

Tetsuya Ito puts FC Gifu one up against Shizuoka FC

Sat 24 Jun: FC Gifu 2-0 Shizuoka FC

Sun 25 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 4-2 Chukyo University
Sun 25 Jun: ACM Central 1-2 Yazaki Valente
Sun 25 Jun: Maruyasu Industry 0-1 Fujieda City Hall

1 FC Gifu 22 (+18)
2 Shizuoka FC 19 (+18)
3 Yazaki Valente 15 (+1)
4 Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 12 (-)
5 Maruyasu Industry 10 (-1)
6 Fujieda City Hall 6 (-12)
7 Chukyo University 5 (-8)
8 ACM Central 1 (-16)
Shikoku League - Round 9
It was a day of shocks on Derby Day in the Shikoku League on Sunday,with each of the clubs paired up with their nearest rivals. Ehime Shimanami can almost be discounted from the title race now after they lost to a Ventana AC side fighting hard against relegation. Tokushima Vortis Amateur are also aiming to stay out of the Prefectural League and did themselves no harm at all with an astonishing 8-2 thrashing of Sanyo Electric Tokushima. This in turn puts Sanwa Club in grave danger, as they succumbed to a 5-1 drubbing by neighbours Nangoku Kochi - who leapfrog Shimanami into second place - while Alex SC lie just a point outside the relegation play-off zone after a 3-0 loss to champions-elect Kamatamare Sanuki.

25 Jun 06 - Ventana AC and Ehime Shimanami wait for a bus

Ventana AC and Ehime Shimanami wait for a bus

Sun 25 Jun: Ventana AC 4-3 Ehime Shimanami
Sun 25 Jun: Sanyo Electric Tokushima 2-8 Tokushima Vortis Amateur
Sun 25 Jun: Sanwa Club 1-5 Nangoku Kochi
Sun 25 Jun: Alex SC 0-3 Kamatamare Sanuki

1 Kamatamare Sanuki 24 (+22)
2 Nangoku Kochi 19 (+19)
3 Ehime Shimanami 19 (+16)
4 Sanyo Electric Tokushima 13 (+2)
5 Tokushima Vortis Amateur 9 (-4)
6 Alex SC 8 (-11)
7 Ventana AC 7 (-19)
8 Sanwa Club 1 (-25)

25 Jun 06 - No idea what’s happening here, but it’s Alex in orange against Kamatamare

No idea what’s happening here, but it’s Alex in orange against Kamatamare
Kansai League Division 1 - Round 11
Three more rounds to go in Division 1 of the Kansai League after Saturday's matches and Banditonce Kobe have one hand on the trophy after a six-goal thumping of AS Laranja Kyoto places them four points clear of their nearest challengers. FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu can't be accused of failing to make a fight of it, though, as they racked up the division's biggest win of the season so far when they put eight past Takada FC. In the hunt for third spot are Ain Food, who slipped up with a draw against Kyoto Shiko Club; Kobe FC 1970 and Sanyo Electric Sumoto, who met on Saturday, a 1-0 win for Kobe.

25 Jun 06 - Masato Ishida, scorer of the opening goal for Banditonce against AS Laranja<br>

Masato Ishida, scorer of the opening goal for Banditonce against AS Laranja

Sat 24 Jun: Ain Food 1-1 Kyoto Shiko Club
Sat 24 Jun: Banditonce Kobe 6-0 AS Laranja Kyoto
Sat 24 Jun: FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu 8-0 Takada FC
Sat 24 Jun: Kobe FC 1970 1-0 Sanyo Electric Sumoto

1 Banditonce Kobe 26 (+20)
2 FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu 22 (+13)
3 Ain Food 16 (+2)
4 Sanyo Electric Sumoto 16 (-)
5 Kobe FC 1970 16 (-4)
6 Kyoto Shiko Club 11 (-5)
7 AS Laranja Kyoto 10 (-10)
8 Takada FC 10 (-16)
Hokushinetsu League Division 2 - Round 10
There's finally some daylight between Valiente Toyama and the rest at the top of the Hokushinetsu League Division 2, after a narrow 2-1 win over struggling Nissei Resin gave them a four-point advantage in the battle for the one automatic promotion slot. But second place and the possibility to play off against one of the bottom sides in Division 1 could go to any number of sides - TOP Niigata are there at the moment after a 2-2 draw with FC Kanazu, while Maruoka Phoenix's challenge has hit a brick wall with two defeats in the last two matches. Even FC Antelope could steal it, despite their patchy season, but Toyama Shinjo Club and LionPower Komatsu will be looking to avoid the drop to the Prefectural leagues after a goalless draw left them both in trouble.

25 Jun 06 - Valiente Toyama prepare to tussle with Nissei Resin

Valiente Toyama prepare to tussle with Nissei Resin

Sun 25 Jun: FC Antelope 3-2 Maruoka Phoenix
Sun 25 Jun: Toyama Shinjo Club 0-0 LionPower Komatsu
Sun 25 Jun: Valiente Toyama 2-1 Nissei Resin
Sun 25 Jun: TOP Niigata 2-2 FC Kanazu

1 Valiente Toyama 20 (+9)
2 TOP Niigata 16 (+6)
3 Maruoka Phoenix 16 (+2)
4 FC Antelope 15 (-1)
5 FC Kanazu 13 (+4)
6 Toyama Shinjo Club 11 (-9)
7 LionPower Komatsu 10 (-7)
8 Nissei Resin 6 (-4)
Hokushinetsu League Division 1 - Round 10
With only four rounds of the Hokushinetsu League Division 1 remaining, title holders Nagano Elsa have a great chance of holding on to their crown following on from round 10 on Sunday. Whilst Elsa themselves were crushing Niigata University of Management, Matsumoto Yamaga Club have seen their chances almost disappear thanks to two consecutive defeats, the latest coming at the hands of a Japan Soccer College side who move into second place as a result. Zweigen Kanazawa further steadied their ship with a 4-2 win over relegation-threatened Teihens FC - but Ueda Gentian gave themselves a good chance of avoiding the drop with the first win of the season, a shock 2-1 success at Fervorosa.

25 Jun 06 - Masatoshi Tanaka, scorer of the winner for Ueda Gentian against Fervorosa

Masatoshi Tanaka, scorer of the winner for Ueda Gentian against Fervorosa

Sun 25 Jun: Nagano Elsa 6-0 Niigata University of Management
Sun 25 Jun: Japan Soccer College 2-0 Matsumoto Yamaga Club
Sun 25 Jun: Zweigen Kanazawa 4-2 Teihens FC
Sun 25 Jun: Fervorosa 1-2 Ueda Gentian

1 Nagano Elsa 27 (+38)
2 Japan Soccer College 25 (+26)
3 Matsumoto Yamaga Club 22 (+17)
4 Zweigen Kanazawa 19 (+23)
5 Fervorosa 11 (+2)
6 Ueda Gentian 5 (-28)
7 Niigata University of Management 4 (-37)
8 Teihens FC 2 (-41)

25 Jun 06 - The Niigata University of Management defence leap into action against Nagano Elsa

The Niigata University of Management defence leap into action against Nagano Elsa
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