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Tokai Divisions 1 & 2 - Round 1
The two divisions of the Tokai League kicked of their 2006 seasons on Sunday, with one of the biggest encounters of the year occurring on the opening day of the Division 1 campaign. Champions Shizuoka FC drew 1-1 with newly-promoted hopefuls FC Gifu to set up what is likely to be a lengthy battle for superiority between the two. Last year's runners up, Chukyo University, gained a narrow win over Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo - as did Yazaki Valente against the policemen of ACM Central - but early leaders in the top division are Maruyasu Industry, 3-1 winners over Fujieda City Hall.

Fuyo Club, who missed out on promotion from Division 2 at the end of 2005 by the narrowest possible margin, kicked off the new year with a surprise defeat at home to Kasugai Club. The two newcomers to Regional League football, Morishin's FC and FC Kawasaki, lost by a goal apiece while in the other game, Konica Minolta beat the teachers of Mind House 1-0.

07 May 06 - Shizuoka FC against Gifu in the rain

Shizuoka FC against Gifu in the rain

Division 1

Sun 07 May: Shizuoka FC 1-1 FC Gifu
Sun 07 May: Yazaki Valente 1-0 ACM Central
Sun 07 May: Maruyasu Industry 3-1 Fujieda City Hall
Sun 07 May: Chukyo University 1-0 Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo

Division 2

Sun 07 May: Fuyo Club 0-2 Kasugai Club
Sun 07 May: Honda Suzuka 2-1 Morishin's FC
Sun 07 May: Nagoya Club 3-2 FC Kawasaki
Sun 07 May: Konica Minolta Furukawa 1-0 Mind House TC

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