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Grulla Morioka - A Step Forward
Some positive news at last to report from under fire Tohoku League club Grulla Morioka. As has been extensively reported here on JNFN, following the club's failure to reach the JFL via the Play-offs at the end of last season it seemed as if the wannabe J-Leaguers had fallen into complete disarray, with the directors resigning en masse, the bulk of full-time players leaving along with the coach and reports of staff salaries going unpaid.

But a meeting on Sunday 19th February agreed the election of five new directors, with one of their first tasks being to look at the salary framework for players and office staff alike. It now seems likely, therefore, that the fans will be able to look ahead to the 2006 campaign with some confidence that they will at least have a team to support, even if the players available are unlikely to be as strong as was the case twelve months ago. Nevertheless, Grulla are planning to confirm details of a new coach and squad at the beginning of April, with the intention of taking their place once again in the Tohoku League Division 1.

Mitsubishi Sign Fukuoka Youngster
Naoyuki Okimoto, a 21-year-old midfield player, has made the glamour-packed move from J1 newcomers Avispa Fukuoka to JFL tail-enders Mitsubishi Mizushima.
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