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Take A Cha... OK, Maybe Not
Another midfielder, Chin Chansu of Tokushima Prefectural League side Tokushima Vortis Caballos, has moved to Sagawa Kyubin Osaka.

Alo's Sign 873rd Tosu Player
Midfielder Tatsuomi Koishi has moved from Sagan Tosu to Alo's Hokuriku.
Thespa Snap Up Honda Man
Honda FC have released 22-year-old midfielder Hitoyoshi Satomi to join J2 outfit Thespa Kusatsu.

26 Jan 05 - Hitoyoshi Satomi

From the top of the JFL to the bottom of J2...
Kansai League Team List 2006
English name - Japanese name - 2005 finishing position

Division 1

Ain Food - アイン食品 - 3rd
Banditonce Kobe - バンディオンセ神戸 - Champions
Kobe FC 1970 - 神戸FC1970 - 2nd
Kyoto Shiko Club - 京都紫光クラブ - 2nd, Division 2
AS Laranja Kyoto - ASラランジャ京都 - 5th
FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu - FC MI-oびわこKusatsu - (ex-Sagawa Kyubin Kyoto - 佐川急便京都) - 1st, Division 2
Sanyo Electric Sumoto - 三洋電機洲本 - 4th
Takada FC - 高田FC - 6th

Division 2

Hermano Osaka - エルマーノ大阪 - 7th, Division 1
Kihoku Football Group - 紀北蹴球団 - 5th
Kobe FC Senior C - 神戸FCシニアC - 7th
Kohga School - ルネス学園甲賀 - 3rd
FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 - FC京都BAMB1993 - 8th, Division 1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe - 三菱重工神戸 - 6th
Riseisha FC - 履正社FC - Osaka Prefectural League champions
Tecnonet Osaka - テクノネット大阪 - 4th
FC Horikoshi - Name Change Confirmed
FC Horikoshi have announced the long-awaited new name for their club, apparently the suggestion of one of eight hundred fans who submitted proposals: Arte Takasaki is the result.

26 Jan 06 - It's in the paper, so it must be true

It's in the paper, so it must be true

Meanwhile, four new young players have also signed for the club - midfielder Sanshiro Matsumoto, 24, from Fortuna Dusseldorf but previously at Horikoshi High School; 22-year-old defenders Takashi Akimoto from Meikai University and Tomoki Tao from Teikyo University; and a 22-year-old midfielder, Asahi Yamamoto, from Hamamatsu University
Tochigi Six: Strong Squad
JFL title hopefuls for 2006 Tochigi SC have completed the signings of no fewer than six new players as they boost their squad for their championship challenge. Three of them are college students and one is from a high school in nearby Utsunomiya - but Atsushi Terui is a 25-year-old defender from FC Horikoshi, formerly with Shonan Bellmare and Tsutomu Kitade is a 27-year-old defender from Shonan.

24 Jan 06 - Tochigi new signing Atsushi Terui from FC Horikoshi

Tochigi SC new signing Atsushi Terui from FC Horikoshi
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