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Ryukyu Boost As Mihara Signs
JFL newcomers FC Ryukyu have received a major boost with the news that the club have signed 27-year-old midfielder Hiroki Mihara from Consadole Sapporo of J2. The player has extensive J-League experience, however, having played at Nagoya Grampus 8, Sagan Tosu and Avispa Fukuoka before moving north to Hokkaido.

31 Jan 06 - A key man for Ryukyu in 2006?

A key man for Ryukyu in 2006?

Grulla Lose Sakurai
Tohoku Leaguers Grulla Morioka continue to leak more key players, with the news that striker Shogo Sakurai has left for the bright lights of Sagawa Printing.
Mizushima Ship Two As Squad Weakens
JFL whipping boys from 2005 Mitsubishi Mizushima lost two members from their squad over the weekend, when defender Yuuki Watanabe left for the ever-expanding Alo's Hokuriku, while striker Keisuke Haraga has moved to FC Kariya.
RKU, Lock Slump In Friendlies
Ryutsu Keizai University were slapped 7-2 by J1 giants Yokohama F Marinos in a pre-season friendly on Saturday 28th. The RKU goals were scored just before and just after half time, bringing the score back from 4-0 to 4-2 - but there the comeback ended. The following day, JFL rivals Honda Lock lost 6-3 in a 30mins x 4 encounter with Consadole Sapporo.

29 Jan 06 - Honda Lock in white, on the way to defeat vs Consadole Sapporo

Honda Lock in white, on the way to defeat vs Consadole Sapporo

31 Jan 06 - RKU tussle with the Marinos

RKU tussle with the Marinos
FC Kariya - First Major Signing
FC Kariya - the new name for JFL minnows Denso - have made their first major signing as they hope to put together a stronger squad for the 2006 season. Tetsuro Uki moves to Aichi prefecture from J2 side Shonan Bellmare, but the 34-year-old defensive midfield player has well over 200 J-League appearances to his name, with JEF United, Omiya Ardija, Montedio Yamagata and Oita Trinita before being transferred to Shonan two years ago.
Hotting Up In Toyama & Takamatsu
Some interesting deals to report lower down in the Regional Leagues of Japan's footballing pyramid. There are a large number of clubs across the country who have declared their intention of moving up to the JFL and then to the J-League as quickly as possible, and a good number of these are making major signings and appointments as they try to back up the rhetoric with some impressive results on the pitch during the 2006 season.

In Division 2 of the Hokushinetsu League, Valiente Toyama will be coached in 2006 by the legendary figure of 31-year-old Masao Kiba - a man who spent more than a decade with Gamba Osaka before moving to spend last season at Avispa Fukuoka, and who has comfortably in excess of 200 J-League appearances to his name. As yet, the team have not made any major signings but there is plenty of time for that, with the Hokushinetsu League programme not sue to commence until April.

On the island of Shikoku, meanwhile, Kamatamare Sanuki have previously been mentioned here on Japanese Non-league Football News as a newly-invigorated club based in the city of Takamatsu. Eager to follow in the footsteps of island rivals Tokushima Vortis and Ehime FC into the promised land of the J-League - and with Shikoku League big guns Nangoku Kochi evidently in a state of some disarray - Kamatamare have signed two pros from Consadole Sapporo in the shape of young goalkeeper Shogo Ebisawa and Chinese midfielder Xu Xiao Fei.
Arte Takasaki Go Korean
Arte Takasaki - the new name for the Gunma prefecture side previously known as FC Horikoshi - have made a shock announcement as regards the identity of the distinctly mysterious coach whom they hope will take them a step nearer a place in J2.

Kim Guan Ho, 55, is a former North Korean international who began his senior footballing career in 1977 with the Japan-based Resident Korean Football Group. He played for North Korea in several tournaments over a period of a number of years in the early- to mid-80s, but then his CV evidently goes blank until 2001, when he turned up as coach for Tokyo's Korea University team.

Moreover, Kim will be supported in his new post by Shin Che Bon, most recently coach with FC Korea - a team that plays in the Tokyo Prefectural League - but whose playing career included spells with JEF United and Kawasaki Frontale during the 90s. Chon Pyon Gyu is to take up the post of Arte's physical trainer, having himself moved from Yokohama FC to FC Korea in the last couple of years.
Sagawa Tokyo Crushed In Friendly
JFL side Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo were slaughtered 11-0 at the hands of JEF United in a friendly on Friday.

31 Jan 06 - Face-to-face, JEF United and Sagawa Printing

Face-to-face, JEF United and Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo
More JFL Moves
Yokogawa Musashino have announced the departure of teenage midfielder Takuma Abe to Hosei University. Defender / midfield player Masanobu Aoyagi moves from Shonan Bellmare to SC Tottori.
Sun Miyazaki Aim High Ahead Of Prefectural Campaign
News from Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu that Sun Miyazaki - who finished last in the 2005's Kyushu League with a meagre three points to show for their efforts - are re-launching for 2006 with all guns blazing. The message is that they're putting the disasters of 2005 behind them, specifically citing the calamitous 14-2 crushing at the hands of New Wave Kitakyushu as a painful memory to be erased.

After relegation, however, the club find themselves in the Miyazaki Prefectural League under new coach Ryo Akiyama, who is not quite yet 32 years old. Akiyama's stated intention is to retain only eight or so of last season's squad, recruiting new players from local colleges and via a selection process to be staged on two dates during February.

26 Jan 06 - A rare archive image of Sun Miyazaki not conceding a goal against New Wave Kitakyushu

A rare archive image of Sun Miyazaki not conceding a goal against New Wave Kitakyushu

In doing so, Sun aim to win the Prefectural League and bounce straight back to the Regional level. The club will be keeping for 2006 the slogan The Localism as a means of grounding themselves in the community, but the most surprising aspect of the messages being communicated prior to what is a nervously anticipated season for them is that they're expressing their dream of bringing J-League football to Miyazaki prefecture.

26 Jan 06 - From Miyazaki to the J-League... yeah, right

From Miyazaki to the J-League... yeah, right

Competing with Sun in the Prefectural League of 2006 will be reigning champions and likely challengers Nobeoka City SC and runners-up Aya SC, together with Rakushu Club, Southern Cross FC 1974, Dinamo Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefectural Government SC, Hyuga Taiyo 1973 and either Nishimorogyu Dreams or Tsuno FC.

26 Jan 06 - Hyuga Taiyo - is that a boomerang in your pocket?

Hyuga Taiyo - is that a boomerang in your pocket?
Take A Cha... OK, Maybe Not
Another midfielder, Chin Chansu of Tokushima Prefectural League side Tokushima Vortis Caballos, has moved to Sagawa Kyubin Osaka.
Alo's Sign 873rd Tosu Player
Midfielder Tatsuomi Koishi has moved from Sagan Tosu to Alo's Hokuriku.
Thespa Snap Up Honda Man
Honda FC have released 22-year-old midfielder Hitoyoshi Satomi to join J2 outfit Thespa Kusatsu.

26 Jan 05 - Hitoyoshi Satomi

From the top of the JFL to the bottom of J2...
Kansai League Team List 2006
English name - Japanese name - 2005 finishing position

Division 1

Ain Food - アイン食品 - 3rd
Banditonce Kobe - バンディオンセ神戸 - Champions
Kobe FC 1970 - 神戸FC1970 - 2nd
Kyoto Shiko Club - 京都紫光クラブ - 2nd, Division 2
AS Laranja Kyoto - ASラランジャ京都 - 5th
FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu - FC MI-oびわこKusatsu - (ex-Sagawa Kyubin Kyoto - 佐川急便京都) - 1st, Division 2
Sanyo Electric Sumoto - 三洋電機洲本 - 4th
Takada FC - 高田FC - 6th

Division 2

Hermano Osaka - エルマーノ大阪 - 7th, Division 1
Kihoku Football Group - 紀北蹴球団 - 5th
Kobe FC Senior C - 神戸FCシニアC - 7th
Kohga School - ルネス学園甲賀 - 3rd
FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 - FC京都BAMB1993 - 8th, Division 1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe - 三菱重工神戸 - 6th
Riseisha FC - 履正社FC - Osaka Prefectural League champions
Tecnonet Osaka - テクノネット大阪 - 4th
FC Horikoshi - Name Change Confirmed
FC Horikoshi have announced the long-awaited new name for their club, apparently the suggestion of one of eight hundred fans who submitted proposals: Arte Takasaki is the result.

26 Jan 06 - It's in the paper, so it must be true

It's in the paper, so it must be true

Meanwhile, four new young players have also signed for the club - midfielder Sanshiro Matsumoto, 24, from Fortuna Dusseldorf but previously at Horikoshi High School; 22-year-old defenders Takashi Akimoto from Meikai University and Tomoki Tao from Teikyo University; and a 22-year-old midfielder, Asahi Yamamoto, from Hamamatsu University
Tochigi Six: Strong Squad
JFL title hopefuls for 2006 Tochigi SC have completed the signings of no fewer than six new players as they boost their squad for their championship challenge. Three of them are college students and one is from a high school in nearby Utsunomiya - but Atsushi Terui is a 25-year-old defender from FC Horikoshi, formerly with Shonan Bellmare and Tsutomu Kitade is a 27-year-old defender from Shonan.

24 Jan 06 - Tochigi new signing Atsushi Terui from FC Horikoshi

Tochigi SC new signing Atsushi Terui from FC Horikoshi
Small Children Aim For J-League Spot
Originally formed for elementary and junior high school kids under the even better name of FC Mi-o Catfish Kusatsu, a new club in Shiga prefecture to the east of Kyoto have incorporated Kansai League Division 1 side Sagawa Kyubin Kyoto - and are already aiming for a future J-League place. Not to be confused with J2 outfit Thespa Kusatsu (same name, different place), FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu now boast a twenty-strong squad, coached by former Vissel Kobe man Kota Nakao.

Now you actually have got to get your homework finished

Now you actually have got to get your homework finished
Grulla - The Decline Continues
Trouble is continuing to brew at Tohoku League club Grulla Morioka, who at the end of 2005 failed to make it through the Regional League Championship Winners' play-off to the JFL. News has recently emerged that they have defaulted on wages to players and office staff in December amounting to a sum of 10,000,000 yen (approx £50,000). The team's 2005 squad featured eight players with J-League experience, but now only two remain and a question mark must now hang over Grulla's ability to participate in the Tohoku League in the forthcoming season.
Zweigen Confirm Squad
As previously mentioned on Japanese Non-league Football News, a newly-established club in the Hokushinestu region of Japan are aiming to make rapid progress from the Regional League through the JFL for 2007 and up to the J-League - and Zweigen Kanazawa have named their squad and coach for the 2006 season, based to a very large extent on the old Kanazawa SC club who disappointed by crashing to a third-place finish in the Hokushinetsu League last year.

NHK football commentator Michel Miyazawa takes over as "supervisor", with former Kanazawa SC boss Eiji Nagai working as coach under him. The playing squad is as follows, with the player's previous team in brackets:


Hidekazu Isono (Kanazawa SC)
Toshiyuki Hisato (Kanazawa SC)


Makoto Kobayashi (Kanazawa University)
Taiga Shinya (Kanazawa SC)
Masateru Tsujita (Omiya Ardija)
Utata Nakai (Kanazawa SC)
Taishin Nakashima (Kanazawa SC)
Mamoru Nakahashi (Teihens)
Keisuke Nishi (Kanazawa SC)
Kohei Fujita (Kanazawa SC)


Masaru Agashi (Sagawa Printing)
Tetsushi Koshiishi (Kanazawa SC)
Masamitsu Shirai (Teihens)
Masakazu Takahashi (Ferverosa FC)
Ryota Terauchi (Ferverosa FC)
Tomokazu Nakamura (Kanazawa SC)
Kazuyuki Nishida (Kanazawa SC)
Makio Moriya (Kanazawa SC)
Yoshikatsu Yamazaki (Kanazawa SC)


Toshinori Kobayashi (Kanazawa SC)
Hirokazu Masuda (Kanazawa SC)
Makoto Yokota (Kanazawa SC)
Sho Makoyama (Teihens)
Tochigi's Targets
Tochigi SC held a pre-season meeting in Utsunomiya on 18th January, at which certain targets for the forthcoming season were laid out - the most important ones being that the ambitious club are aiming to get to Round 3 of the 2006 Emperor's Cup and to win the JFL. Defender Nobumasa Yokoyama takes over as captain.

22 Jan 06 - Looking all very keen, Nobumasa Yokoyama

Looking all very keen, Nobumasa Yokoyama
Yoneyama, Fukushima Extend Rosso Loans
Cerezo Osaka forward Daisuke Yoneyama has extended his short-term loan with Rosso Kumamoto, as has fellow striker Hiroshi Fukushima from Avispa Fukuoka. It's also been announced that the ultra-ambitious Rosso will play an intriguing pre-season friendly against J2's strapped-for-cash Yokohama FC on 12th February.
Nagai Back To Verdy... Again
FC Ryukyu's experienced midfielder Hideki Nagai has forsaken the bright lights of Okinawa for a chance to return to Tokyo Verdy 1969 in J2. Nagai in fact started his career as a pro with Verdy Kawasaki in 1993, went back to the same club four years later and went to the Tokyo version in 2001. His last J-League appearances were for Oita Trinita two seasons ago, where he went before going to the Kyushu League with Ryukyu.
RKU Forward Goes Pro
Ryutsu Keizai University's 22-year-old striker Yuuki Okamoto has joined J2 minnows Mito Hollyhock. The same club have also signed midfielder Takuta Shiihara, from JFL newcomers JEF United Amateurs.
Horikoshi Signing, Date For New Name
JFL side FC Horikoshi have announced the signing from Thespa Kusatsu of 24-year-old midfielder Yohei Takasu, formerly with Kashima Antlers and Mito Hollyhock. Indications are that the club's new name will be made public on Tuesday 24th January.
Rosso Grab Marinos Keeper
Rosso Kumamoto have announced a further signing, with the news that Hiroki Iikura, a 19-year-old goalkeeper, has joined them on loan from Yokohama F Marinos.

20 Jan 06 - Haven't you got homework to be getting on with?

Haven't you got homework to be getting on with?
Kinoshita Takes Over At Tottori
19 Jan 06 - The really extraordinarily bald Kei Kinoshita

The really extraordinarily bald Kei Kinoshita

Following their decision to go for J-League entry by 2008, SC Tottori have named their new coach for the 2006 season as the club's own 34-year-old former Vissel Kobe and Seattle Sounders midfielder Kei Kinoshita. Kinoshita has in fact spent the largest single part of his footballing career in the US as a player and studying for his coaching qualifications while with Seattle and indeed he only returned to Japan at the beginning of 2005. Last year was spent with Tottori, for whom he played 25 JFL games, scoring two goals.

19 Jan 06 - Painting the town red, SC Tottori-style

Painting the town red, SC Tottori-style
Rosso Signings As JFL Kick-off Gets Nearer
New JFL side Rosso Kumamoto have announced a couple of new signings prior to the commencement of the 2006 season. 19-year-old forward Shinji Suzuki joins from J1's Shimizu S-Pulse, while 21-year-old former Montedio Yamagata defender Naoya Otaki makes the long journey down to Kyushu from Grulla Morioka in the Tohoku League.

19 Jan 06 - Young gun, go for it

Shinji Suzuki - young gun, go for it
J-League Announce Expansion Plans, Non-leaguers Prick Up Ears
The J-League has announced plans to expand the second tier to 18 teams in 2010 from the current 13, in response to an increasing number of clubs hoping to join the pro ranks. The plan was included in a study report by a committee considering the J-League's future, which also proposed to eventually expand the second division to 22 teams or more under new entry requirements. The committee demanded that clubs seeking J-League membership have an average attendance of 3,000 or more in addition to an annual operating revenue of at least 150 million yen.
Kyushu League Team List 2006
English name - Japanese name - 2005 finishing position

Kaiho Bank SC - 海邦銀行SC - 7th
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki - 三菱重工長崎 - 9th
Nanakuma Tombies - 七隈トンビーズ - Fukuoka Prefectural league champions
New Wave Kitakyushu - ニューウェーブ北九州 - 6th
Nippon Steel Oita - 新日鐵大分 - 4th
Okinawa Kariyushi - 沖縄かりゆし - 8th
Osumi NIFS United - 大隅NIFS UNITED FC - Kagoshima Prefectural League champions
V Varen Nagasaki - V・ファーレン長崎 - 3rd
Volca Kagoshima - ヴォルカ鹿児島 - 5th
Tokai League Team List 2006
English name - Japanese name - 2005 finishing position

Division 1

ACM Central - 中央防犯 - 6th
Chukyo University - 中京大学FC - 2nd
Fujieda City Hall - 藤枝市役所 - 4th
FC Gifu - FC岐阜 - Tokai League Division 2 runners-up
Maruyasu Industry - マルヤス工業 - 5th
Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo - 佐川急便中京 - Tokai League Division 2 winners
Shizuoka FC - 静岡FC - Tokai League Division 1 champions
Yazaki Valente - 矢崎バレンテ - 3rd

Division 2

Fuyo Club - 芙蓉クラブ - 3rd
Honda Suzuka - ホンダ鈴鹿 - 7th, Tokai League Division 1
Kasugai Club - 春日井クラブ - 6th
FC Kawasaki - FC川崎 - Gifu Prefectural League champions
Konica Minolta Toyokawa - コニカミノルタSC豊川 - 4th
Mind House TC - マインドハウスTC - 5th
Morishin's FC - Morishin’s FC - Gifu Prefectural League runners-up
Nagoya Club - 名古屋クラブ - 8th, Tokai League Division 1
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