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Chukyo University Men Move To The Big Time
Having run Shizuoka FC so close in the league campaign of 2005, two players from Tokai League Division 1 side Chukyo University have now made the jump to the pro ranks of the J-League itself in the close season shuffling of squads.

Tsutomu Matsuda is a 22-year-old centre back, formerly part of the youth set-up at Nagoya Grampus 8, who moves all the way to J1 with shock newcomers Ventforet Kofu. Going back to his old hunting ground, meanwhile, is midfielder Ryosuke Amo, returning to Tokushima Vortis having previously been a youth player at the Shikoku-based J2 club.

Tohoku League Division 2 (North) - Prefectural Play-offs 2005
平成17年 度北東北3県 県リーグチャンピオン決定戦

06/11/2005 Fuji Club 2003 (Iwate prefecture) 4-0 TDK Shinwakai (Akita)
13/11/2005 TDK Shinwakai 1-2 Hachinohe Kogyo High School OB (Aomori)
20/11/2005 Hachinohe Kogyo High School OB 0-5 Fuji Club 2003

Fuji Club 2003 and Hachinohe Kogyo High School OB are therefore promoted to Tohoku League Division 2 (North) for 2006.

Tohoku League Division 2 (North) - Promotion / Relegation Play-off

平成17 年度東北社会人サッカーリーグ2 部北部リーグ入替戦結果

27/11/2005 Sanno Club 3-4 TDK Shinwakai

TDK Shinwakai are therefore also promoted to Tohoku League Division 2 (North) for 2006.
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