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Tochigi SC - Best 10 Events Of 2005!
JFL club Tochigi SC have announced their official top ten list of the best club events of 2005, as follows:

1. Finishing the league season in fourth place
2. Winning nine consecutive games to go top of the table and so be one of the Emperor's Cup seeded teams
3. Making an official statement about preparing the club for J-League entry
4. Completing the transfer of Manabu Wakabayashi to J1 side Omiya Ardija
5. Midfielder Toshiaki Hotta getting into the JFL's Best Eleven team of the season
6. Beating Honda FC 3-2 at home
7. The increase in the number of fans attending home matches
8. The performances of new players defender Toru Yamazaki and midfielders Takashi Nakagawa and Kentaro Yoshida
9. Goalkeeper Akihito Hoshi
10. Midfielder Yasuyuki Yoshimi's time out injured coming to an end

08 Dec 05 - Tochigi SC's Toshiaki Hotta

Star midfielder Toshiaki Hotta

Shikoku League Promotion Play-off Results 2005
10/12/2005 Tokushima Vortis Caballos 3-0 R Velho
10/12/2005 FC Yanagimachi 0-2 Hisaeda FC

11/12/2005 Tokushima Vortis Caballos 5-2 Hisaeda FC
11/12/2005 Tokushima Vortis Caballos 5-2 FC Yanagimachi
11/12/2005 R Velho 1-4 FC Yanagimachi
11/12/2005 R Velho 3-4 Hisaeda FC

Final Ranking

1. Tokushima Vortis Caballos 9pts (GD +9)
2. Hisaeda FC 6 (-)
3. FC Yanagimachi 3 (-2)
4. R Velho 0 (-7)

Tokushima Vortis Caballos and Hisaeda FC therefore qualify to participate in the final promotion play-off with Showa Club and Sanwa Club, as follows:

29/01/2006 Showa Club 1-0 Tokushima Vortis Caballos
29/01/2006 Sanwa Club 6-5 Hisaeda FC

05/02/2006 Tokushima Vortis Caballos 2-0 Showa Club
05/02/2006 Hisaeda FC 2-2 Sanwa Club

Sanwa Club therefore retaing their place in the Shikoku League for 2006, while Tokushima Vortis Caballos are promoted from the Tokushima Prefectural League.
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