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Hokkaido League Promotion & Relegation Play-off 2005
2005 北海道サッカーリーグ入替戦

16/10/2005 Sapporo Winds 1-1 Toyota Hokkaido

23/10/2005 Toyota Hokkaido 4-0 Sapporo Winds

Toyota Hokkaido win 5-1 on aggregate and therefore retain their place in the Hokkaido League 2006.

23 Oct 05 - Toyota Hokkaido vs Sapporo Winds

Toyota Hokkaido in red overcome those pesky Sapporo Winds
Hokkaido Block League Promotion Play-offs 2005
2005 北海道ブロックサッカーリーグ決勝

Group Stage

08/10/2005 Sapporo Winds 3-0 Naie FC
08/10/2005 Rude Boyz 4-2 Nippon Steel Muroran
09/10/2005 Rude Boyz 5-2 Naie FC
09/10/2005 Sapporo Winds 3-2 Nippon Steel Muroran
10/10/2005 Naie FC 1-2 Nippon Steel Muroran
10/10/2005 Rude Boyz 2-2 Sapporo Winds

Rude Boyz win the group and are therefore promoted to the Hokkaido League 2006 in place of relegated R Superb Kushiro. Sapporo Winds finish second and therefore play off with Toyota Hokkaido.
Chugoku League Promotion Play-offs 2005

Preliminary Round

12/11/2005 Inaba FC (Tottori prefecture) 4-3 Yahhh Man SC (Yamaguchi)
12/11/2005 Iwakuni FC (Yamaguchi) 0-6 NTN Okayama (Okayama)

First Round

13/11/2005 Inaba FC 1-2 Hiroshima Teachers SC (Hiroshima)
13/11/2005 Cosmos (Shimane) 0-0 New Nippon Oil Mizushima (Okayama) (PK 3-4)
13/11/2005 FC Central Chugoku (Shimane) 2-0 Mazda SC (Hiroshima)
13/11/2005 KFC Tottori (Tottori) 3-3 NTN Okayama (PK 7-6)

Second Round

14/11/2005 Hiroshima Teachers SC 1-4 New Nippon Oil Mizushima
14/11/2005 FC Central Chugoku 4-1 KFC Tottori


14/11/2005 FC Central Chugoku 5-0 New Nippon Oil Mizushima

15 Nov 05 - FC Central Chugoku

From Shimane Prefecture to the Chugoku League, FC Central Chugoku

FC Central Chugoku are therefore promoted to the Chugoku League for 2006. New Nippon Oil Mizushima will participate in a play-off with Yamaguchi Teachers
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